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News Sports, sports, UK: 3 lions out of 7 countries confirm they won't be wearing OneLove armbands in Qatar

Jamie Carragher says England should have been more determined to wear the OneLove armband despite threats from FIFA to punish captains for wearing it. Harry Kane wore a FIFA-approved armband against Iran. Wales and other European countries also do not wear OneLove armbands.

UK: 3 lions out of 7 countries confirm they won’t be wearing OneLove armbands in Qatar

Jamie Carragher says England should have been more determined to wear the OneLove armband despite threats from FIFA to punish captains for wearing it. Harry Kane wore a FIFA-approved armband against Iran. Wales and other European countries also do not wear OneLove armbands.

England announced they would not be wearing the OneLove armband at the World Cup in Qatar, just three hours before their 6-2 win over Iran.

The FA and Harry Kane have adamantly stated that they will wear the armband as a message of non-discrimination and support for the LGBTQ+ community.

But on Monday morning, FA CEO Mark Bullingham said England were looking to see if there were “other ways to show our values” after FIFA threatened to book the captain wearing a OneLove rainbow armband in a World Cup match.

Less than an hour later, a statement issued by the Football Associations of England, Wales, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland confirmed that they would not be wearing armbands.

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“FIFA has made it clear that it will impose sports sanctions if captains wear the armband on the pitch. As a national federation, we cannot put players in a position to face sports sanctions, including warnings. I asked him not to,” he said.

“We were prepared to pay the fines normally applied for kit rule violations and had a strong commitment to wearing armbands. However, we cannot put our players in a situation where they are cautioned or forced to leave the field. ..

“We are very disappointed with this unprecedented FIFA decision. We communicated to FIFA last September that we wanted to wear the One Love armband to actively support football inclusion, but there was no response. Our players and coaches Disappointed – they are strong supporters of inclusion and will show their support in other ways.”

FIFA promotes ‘anti-discrimination’ campaign
FIFA subsequently confirmed that a ‘non-discrimination’ campaign was launched and Kane wore the approved armband during England’s 6-2 win over Iran.

FIFA was able to confirm that during the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, all 32 captains discussed to have a chance to wear this armband, and the anti-discrimination campaign was carried out from the quarter-final stage.


“This is in accordance with Article 13.8.1 of the FIFA Equipment Rules. “For FIFA Finals, the captains of each team must wear the captain’s armband provided by FIFA.”

“The FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Rules exist to preserve the integrity of the pitch for all participants as approved by everyone in the game and apply equally to all competing teams.

“FIFA is an inclusive organization that seeks to make football good for society by supporting good and legitimate causes, but within the framework of rules of the competition known to all.”

Amnesty International: These are issues that FIFA should lead, not crack down on.
Responding to FIFA’s threat to sanction a player who plans to wear the ‘OneLove’ armband to show support for the LGBTI community, Steve Cockburn, Director of Economics and Social Justice at Amnesty International, said: The issue of human rights and equality is the latest example of FIFA’s failure to fully uphold its values ​​and responsibilities.

“Agreement on the armband and better protections for the LGBT community should have been reached long ago.

“We applaud the courage of the teams and players who have spoken out for human rights and we hope they continue to do so. Fans, players and free agents want football to be a means to promote human rights and FIFA takes heed. We need to take active steps to protect LGBTQ people as well as encourage a message of equality.

“And let’s not forget the migrant workers who made the competition possible. They should be fully compensated for the unspeakable abuse they suffered.”

‘The FA deserves the criticism that will follow’ | Could Kane’s early booking have hindered England’s progress?
Sky Sports News reporters Kaveh Solhekol and Rob Dorsett presented both sides in a heated debate as they debated the decision Monday morning.

Solhekol said it was “an incredible upswing for free agents”. “They’re going to get a lot of criticism for that, and to be fair, I think they deserve that much criticism.

“Okay, Harry Kane would have gotten a yellow card – so what? Obviously he had to put that yellow card on his chin? The focus would have been on FIFA. The best players in the world, one of the faces of this competition, last World Cup. He received a yellow card before the competition even started in England because he was wearing the armband.

“It’s not even a rainbow armband. It’s got a heart and it says ‘OneLove’ and that heart has the colors of the rainbow. Is FIFA so mad at a statement in support of LGBTQ+ rights that they’re going to stop Kane and captains of six other nations from wearing this armband? “

Dorsett agreed, but questioned the impact that bookings on Kane could have on England’s development in Qatar.

He said: “Imagine a scenario where Harry Kane puts on the OneLove armband and gets a yellow card before he even takes the field. Then he made a little frivolous challenge in the first half and got another yellow card and was sent off. England’s captain, sent off in the World Cup opener.

“If he wants to wear the OneLove armband, what will happen in the second match? Will he get a second yellow card and get suspended for the third match? FIFA’s nuclear option.

“I think we have to put ourselves in the shoes of the English FA right before the World Cup. They are facing an impossible situation.”

Carra: England will look weak if they give in to FIFA pressure.

Sky Sports’ Jamie Carragher said England would “look weak” if they agreed not to wear the OneLove armband under continued pressure from FIFA.

“Harry Kane should wear it,” Carragher told Sky Sports News’ World Cup breakfast before the U-turn.

“England have been loud about the fact that he will be wearing this, this is their protest against the World Cup in Qatar, human rights and everything that happens in a country that people criticize.

“This is Britain’s way of showing they don’t agree with everything that’s happening there.

“They can’t withdraw now. The fact that Harry Kane can get a yellow card only bolsters the campaign. I think England will be weak to withdraw because of Kane’s yellow card. More determined.”

Wales FA deeply disappointed by FIFA’s clever political moves

Sky Sports News journalist Geraint Hughes provided Wales’ perspective following news that Gareth Bale would be one of seven captains in Qatar not to wear the OneLove armband.

“Right before the official announcement, I had a conversation with Wales FA CEO Noel Mooney. He told me what was going to happen and they were incredibly, incredibly disappointed.”

“For Wales, this is not just aligned with many other football associations, it is part of their cultural identity and an attempt to grow football inclusive.

“They’ve done a lot as an association to make the growth of men’s and women’s soccer, and girls’ and boys’ soccer, more inclusive. They also realized that the LGBTQ+ community loves soccer and loves coming to watch men’s and women’s soccer. We want to be part of the Red Wall.

“The rainbow wall is not here in Qatar because they don’t want to come because they are too afraid to come and they don’t want to participate in what they see as a sportswashing event. So the point of the Wales FA is not to make this gesture with the players. It was solidarity with that community.

“I always try to give every aspect of the story in my reporting, but it’s very difficult not to see it as a very clever political move by FIFA, timed perfectly as far as they are concerned.”

‘LGBTQ+ solidarity hits with armband down’

Sports Media LGBTQ+ Editor and Consultant Jon Holmes:

“I think the pressure exerted by FIFA on national associations has caused this decline. What has been damaged is the common sense of unity of European countries coming together to create this collective stand for the LGBT community.

“I think there were mixed feelings about how effective the OneLove armband would be in raising awareness of LGBT rights, and its broad message of non-discrimination. It emphasized the importance of sentiment and can actually go a little further.

“I think they [could have taken a stronger stance]. I think it would have been a very different decision for England to go first out of all these countries. Maybe there were other ways for them to have armband visibility. I know it was worn on TV during a live broadcast today, but maybe it was worn by the coaching staff.

“England in particular have always been in a difficult position and I have some sympathy for the players and staff to be in such a difficult position a few hours before kick-off.

“Actually Harry Kane would have to take that off because he’s wearing the ‘non-discrimination’ armband in the game today. But it was a way of showing solidarity with LGBT people and that didn’t happen. Of course it’s a hit.”

‘Creepy action by FIFA after strong support from England and Wales’
Speaking to Sky Sports News, Stonewall’s Director of Communications and External Affairs, Robbie Dos Santos, said:

“We are very disappointed. It has been fantastic to see the strong support from Team England, Team Wales and other captains throughout the tournament for LGBTQ+ rights.

“I’ve never seen anything like this in my life. It’s really disappointing to see so many celebrities talking about LGBTQ+ rights and in a country that desperately needs them. It’s politicizing what would have been a very peaceful protest.

“What we saw while preparing for the tournament is the genuine desire of England and Wales football teams to show so much support for LGBTQ+ rights, women’s rights and labor rights in this tournament. I really can’t fault them. We have been supporting our community and others.

“But FIFA really let us down. They broke their promise and said incredibly unhelpful things about LGBTQ+ rights. They dared to relate to the people they love and be who they are.

“I think FIFA really misread the global mood on this and the way they’re behaving is absolutely horrible.”

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