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The ever-increasing number of coronavirus infections is ruining the football holiday schedule.
On Boxing Day, the Premier League, the Championship, the First League and the Second League were canceled. As a result, only nine games have been played in the three EFL leagues.
There will be four games between Newcastle and Manchester United on Monday.
However, the games are still being postponed as the clubs are planning another game before the new year.
So far, 13 games have been postponed from Tuesday to Thursday.
One of the things to be canceled is a visit to St. Petersburg for the Birmingham Championship, and Lee Bower’s side have stated that “there are not enough players”.

A statement from Birmingham said: “In the short time between games, there were not enough windows for players to return from isolation or recover from their injuries.
“Once again, the number of Coved-19 cases in the men’s first team exceeds the EFL threshold.”
Swansea’s meeting with Luton, which was to be held behind closed doors after the Welsh government imposed new restrictions, was also disrupted.
Like the clash with Hull Blackburn on Boxing Day, the clubs will try to avoid postponing the game.


Hull had already had a number of positive coronavirus cases, and tests on Boxing Day morning showed positive results.
However, the timing of the announcement of the cancellation two hours before the start of the match was controversial. Thousands of Blackburn fans had already arrived at MKM Stadium or got in their coaches or cars.

Blackburn Rovers supporters returned to coaching after canceling a game at Hull two hours ago.
Blackburn later confirmed that he had requested a full investigation into the circumstances surrounding the call delay.
Hull vice-president Ehab Allam said his side was only following the EFL protocol and that the rules should be “slightly relaxed”.
Speaking on local radio, he said: “We want to play the game, it’s a boxing day game during the festival. It was a lot of people and we really wanted to do the game, but we have to follow the rules. Judged by the football league legislation.
“It’s a very difficult decision because no one wants to cancel a game just a few hours before the game starts, but we have to follow the rules because we don’t want to break any rules. We have to be very careful because it affects future games.
“The rules are too strict, I think they need to be reassured a little bit, but in the end I don’t set the rules and I have to follow them, it’s hard on everyone and I appreciate it. We didn’t want to get into that situation.”

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