Alan Shearer gives Gary Lineker the middle finger after he teased him for losing the FA Cup – SPORTS PLAYON

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The two Match of the Day stars and the England international often joked about pulling each other’s cups and this time Lineker was at the forefront of the debate.

Former England international Gary Lineker was quick to laugh at Alan Shearer’s expense due to the fact that his Match of the Day brother and former Three Lions have never moved to the FA. Cup.

There have long been jokes between the pair that they are both proud of their collections and not the other. Although Lineker did not win the first division with any of his side, Shearer promoted to the Premier League while at Blackburn – but the FA Cup was able to avoid Newcastle’s story.

Lineker, on the other hand, promoted the old competition to football while at Tottenham Hotspur in the 1990/91 tournament. Shearer reached the FA Cup final twice with Newcastle in 1998 and 1999 against Arsenal and Manchester United but fell short on both occasions.

Ahead of this year’s FA Cup final between Chelsea and Liverpool on Saturday, Lineker spoke of the emptiness in Shearer’s cup cabinet by recording a quick video of the the first inhabitants of Southampton lived next to the silverware.

“There’s the look, that little beauty,” Lineker said proudly. “This is the cup you won,” he told Shearer as he held a small plastic coffee cup in his friend’s side.

In response, the Premier League goal scorer could have done a little more than life before responding with a threat with a finger gesture to tell Lineker exactly what he thought of the joke. .

The pair are both covering what promises to be one of the most controversial FA Cup finals on the mind lately as Jurgen Klopp’s Reds and Thomas Tuchel’s Blues do – although they will play in the yellow.

Supposedly due to superstition, Chelsea got some recent luck under the Wembley gate after losing the last two of the FA Cup as well as the last Carabao Cup this season – also against Liverpool .

All of those games were contested as Chelsea wore their Blue home jersey and the aim was to end the bad situation on the big stage by replacing their jersey. yellow. The piece in question is the same one the Tuchel men wore to win Crystal Palace at Wembley in this season’s semi-final.

Chelsea wore the yellow to their first FA Cup final – back in 2009 when they met another player on Merseyside at Everton under the iconic Wembley logo. Success was proven when the Blues came from behind to beat the Toffees 2-1 to lift the trophy for the club’s fifth FA Cup win.

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