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Alexandre Lacazette's form is increasingly being investigated as helpless Arsenal handed fourth place to Tottenham, News Sky Sports, sky sports

Alexandre Lacazette struggled to make an impact as Arsenal lost their third match against Brighton on Saturday. The Frenchman has only scored 4 goals in the Premier League this season. Mikel Arteta is under pressure to accelerate change.

Alexandre Lacazette’s form is increasingly being investigated as helpless Arsenal handed fourth place to Tottenham

Alexandre Lacazette struggled to make an impact as Arsenal lost their third match against Brighton on Saturday. The Frenchman has only scored 4 goals in the Premier League this season. Mikel Arteta is under pressure to accelerate change.

In Saturday’s 2-1 loss to Brighton, 10 of the 12 outfielders Arsenal used attempted at least one shot, but their striker wasn’t one of them. Alexandre Lacazette is under scrutiny.

The French have only scored once in their last 11 Premier League matches and have a season record of just 4 goals in 25 games. He hasn’t scored a goal since mid-March. He hasn’t found a net in open play since December.

Until recently his lack of goal threat was mitigated by other qualities. Between December 6 and March 13, Lacazette registered two more assists (7) than any other Premier League player.

His contribution, which fell deep to connect the play and runners on both sides, was essential to his rise in form after Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang was banished from the flank and pushed Arsenal back into the Champions League race.

Mikel Arteta told Sky Sports ahead of Arsenal’s 3-2 win over Watford last month, “Raka has a really important quality.

His performance on Vicarage Road did exactly what Arteta meant. Lacazette may not have scored on his own, but nevertheless he was instrumental in making Bukayo Saka Arsenal’s second goal and then Gabriel Martinelli’s third.

“It’s so much fun to play with him,” Saka said. His fellow academy graduate, Emile Smith Rowe, was similarly praised. “It really helps to get first place with him,” he said last season. “He gives me a lot of confidence and he talks a lot to me.”

Arsenal beat Leicester 2-0, including a Lacazette goal from the penalty spot, to win Watford. But since then, they’ve lost 3 of their 4 matches and the man tasked with leading the line is struggling more than anyone else.

Lacazette’s lack of strength in front of goal was excused when he helped others succeed, but not anymore. Not only did he miss a shot against Brighton, he made fewer touches (22) and fewer passes (8) than any other starting pitcher.

Many supporters were already running out of patience. Lacazette’s anonymous matches against Brighton were equally poor against Crystal Palace, Aston Villa and Liverpool.

He’s dropped from an average of 2.8 shots per 90 minutes to just 1.6 and is creating almost half the chances. His number of touches and passes has dropped by about a third. Besides, he’s providing a much lesser presence in his opponent’s box.

Lacazette’s willing midfield opponent was initially baffled but seems to have noticed him. Patrick Vieira even mentioned his name after Crystal Palace played a leading role in their 3-0 defeat of the Gunners at Selhurst Park.

“Whenever they were looking for a player [between the lines] we always had one of our four hundred come out and try to press, especially Alexandre Lacazette,” he said.

Brighton used a similar tactic on Saturday, as did Liverpool and Aston Villa before that. Lacazette is still falling deep, but not finding the same workspace anymore. As a result, Arsenal’s fluency attacks are struggling.

Fatigue also appears to be another factor.

Arteta has often talked about Lacazette’s “wonderful” off-the-ball speed, but his recent lethargy suggests that the hard work of the past few months is catching up with him.

The same goes for tracking data. Before his recent plummet of form, Lacazette had run over 10km each in their last 4 appearances in 90 minutes full-time. However, in his last two matches against Brighton and Crystal Palace, he fell short of that milestone.

No wonder the player, who turns 31 next month, is tired, especially considering the dramatic increase in his workload. After Aubameyang was eliminated, Lacazette started for 16 consecutive games. He holds the record for longest starting appearance since joining Arsenal.

Many supporters want to see something different as Arsenal tries to put the top-four challenge on track, but the situation is complicated by the lack of a clear alternative.

The club plans to sign at least one striker in the summer. “Successful teams need enough goal threat in their squad,” Arteta told Sky Sports in March. Premier League matches this season, or relocations of support forwards like Martinelli or Smith Rowe.

Alexandre Lacazette’s Arsenal contract is due to expire at the end of the season

Those who disagree with the decision to leave Aubameyang will begin life in Barcelona as evidence of his explosive start. Others will regret the decision not to replace him in the same transfer window.

But Arteta must do what he can with what he has.

Dropping Lacazette would be another gamble given his relative lack of experience with his alternatives, but the team already needs a recalibration with injuries to Kieran Tierney and Thomas Partey. Why not re-evaluate his attack configuration at the same time?

Lacazette’s helpless appearance against Brighton showed that the need for change became increasingly urgent. Recent evidence suggests that Arteta can no longer be postponed.

Chelsea takeover: NBA president Larry Tanenbaum has joined Stefan Palyuka’s offer ahead of the final deadline on Thursday.

Bain Capital chairman Stefan Palyuka was reported to have attended Chelsea’s 6-0 win over Southampton on Saturday. Larry Tanenbaum joins his consortium ahead of his final bid deadline on Thursday. Chelsea travel to Real Madrid in the Champions League on Tuesday evening.

The NBA chairman joined one of the consortiums this week to prepare a final takeover bid from Chelsea.

Sky News learned that Larry Tanenbaum, who also hosts the North American sports team, was one of the investors supporting Stephen Pagliuca’s proposal for the Stamford Bridge club.

A city source said on Monday that Canadian Tanenbaum was one of the wealthy individuals who agreed to sponsor Pagliuka, a private equity billionaire who built his fortune after a career at Bain Capital.

Among the group’s other co-investors are John Burbank, founder of San Francisco hedge fund Passport Capital, and Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin, the first investor in the tech giant.

Both Saverin and Raj Ganguly, co-founders of investment firm B Capital Group, are known to have agreed to back Pagliuca.

Last week, Sky News reported that former Walt Disney Chairman Bob Iger had also approached the bid.

Bain Capital was reported to have attended Chelsea’s 6-0 victory in Southampton on Saturday, and traveled to England to discuss his proposal with club management and advisors.

Pagliuca co-owns a large stake in the Boston Celtics NBA team and Atalanta in Italy’s Serie A.

A source close to Pagliuca’s bid said Tanenbaum’s work in fighting anti-Semitism is likely to be hailed by Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich, who has been hit by British government sanctions after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The remaining four consortiums seeking to replace Abramovic as owners of Chelsea must make their final bid on Thursday, two days after the end of the London Club Champions League quarter-final second leg against Real Madrid. Chelsea fell 3-1 in the first leg last week.

Raine Group, a commercial bank that oversees the sale process, has extended the deadline last week to give four bidders a full and fair chance to finalize the details of the offer.

Lane is considering awaiting Premier League approval for all four consortia before presenting a preferred bidder to the government.

Investigations into four bids by English football’s top team are already underway after the rest of the consortium submitted key investor details to Raine 10 days ago.

The Premier League is expected to evaluate those who bid for the rest of this month (including US billionaires and the pillars of British company founding), and approving all four consortiums means the process may require: extended.

One of the bidders, who requested anonymity, expects a final advisory to be issued to ministers later than the original target date, which begins on April 18, and the deal is now expected to close in May.

In addition to Mr. Pagliuca’s consortium, the bidders consist of: a group led by Sir Martin Broughton, former chairman of Liverpool and British Airways, which includes billionaire Crystal Palace shareholders Dave Blitzer and Josh Harris; The bid, led by Los Angeles Dodgers owner Todd Boehly, includes backing from US investment firm Clearlake Capital. The Ricketts family, owned by the Chicago Cubs, teamed up with Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert and hedge fund mogul Ken Griffin.

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The remaining four bidders traveled to London last week to meet Chelsea directors, management and Raine to compete to end Abramovich’s 19-year tenure.

They have all been told that if they take over the club in the next few weeks, they will have to provide a legal commitment that will guarantee an investment of at least £1 billion in the club’s infrastructure, academy and women’s team.

The sale process has been complicated by sanctions against Abramović and frenzied interest in buying last season’s Champions League winners.

Among them, the final bidder controls or owns stakes in the North American team spanning baseball, basketball and ice hockey.

The horde of American sports billionaires surrounding Chelsea highlights the extent to which the Premier League has become a magnet for financiers across the Atlantic over the past two decades.

During that time, Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester United were all acquired by US-based entrepreneurs, and many other top clubs also have US backing.

By the standards of the existing takeover process, Chelsea auctions have proceeded at a staggering pace, and executives at other major investment banks have suggested that such a complex sale would typically take at least six months.

A quick sale is seen as essential if Chelsea are to avoid uncertainty that could trigger the dissolution of one of the top teams’ most valuable squads.

The current FIFA Club World Cup winners have been thrown into chaos by Russia’s war in Ukraine. Abramovich initially entrusted the club to a foundation and offered to officially sell it.

Abramovich initially put a £3 billion price tag on the Stamford Bridge outfit, and the net proceeds were donated to a charitable foundation set up to help victims of the Ukrainian war. He also said he plans to pay off a loan of £1.5 billion to the club.

With government consent in the form of a special license, new owners of Chelsea must be approved by the Premier League subject to suitability and proper ownership tests.

A spokesperson for Pagliuca declined to comment, but none of the people known to have joined his consortium were able to seek comment.

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