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All Liverpool fans want a new deal for Mo Salah – Liverpool FC – this Christmas

Jürgen Klopp insisted that he wasn’t worried about Mo Salah’s contract situation, but with no sign of an extension, Aaron Cutler asks if supporters …

Contracts are complicated.

Gone are the days when Liverpool players were called to Peter Robinson’s office to find new terms that awaited them. A small thank you for the good work and – without exception – a bucket within reach.

Negotiations changed in the 1990s when the beleaguered Graeme Souness was caught in the crossfire.

The Scots were a difficult balancing act: With financial incentives to attract new talent, without alienating the legends of the club.

Add in the Bosman decision and the rise of the super agent and you come to this current chasm – one of the Liverpool owners has clearly wavered.

In fighting the control of the club by other cowboys, the Fenway Sports Group has vowed to make amends for the wrong … starting with contracts.

Back then, a lot of money was paid to underperforming stars, using the term in its broadest sense.

There have also been tempting renewals for those nearing the dawn of their careers. It didn’t seem like a method, just madness.

To make the club more sustainable, the payroll was quickly reduced. People like Pepe Reina, Alberto Aquilani, and Maxi Rodriguez have given way to younger and frankly cheaper options.

In addition, clear guidelines have been defined.

After Luis Suarez left, it was decided that no buyout clause would be considered. This bold approach in this climate led to the somewhat notorious departure of Emre Can.

In eight years, however, a clear and prudent strategy has evolved.


But success comes with its own complications. Success costs.

When Klopp also made Liverpool from runner to world batsman, the FSG was forced to expand its own parameters.

So while there is a gap in transfer spending, Liverpool competes with Man City on contracts.

According to the brilliant Swiss Ramble, our wage bill is the second highest in the country.

A key point to note here is that Liverpool have been paying astronomical bonuses over the past few years. Salah as well as Virgil van Dijk, Sadio Mane and Roberto Firmino are generously rewarded for presenting trophies.

So while fans shied away from the news of Raheem Sterling’s fixed salary of £ 300,000 a week, it should be remembered that Liverpool’s contracts are heavily promoted.

So the alleged loopholes were closed. For this reason, assessing net spending alone is short-sighted.

Even so, Van Dijk, who is currently considered the Reds’ top earner, is not among the top 10 highest paid in the Premier League. And especially not Salah either.
dead end

So in a dead end.

The current standstill in the renewal of the Egyptian agreement puts the FSG in a difficult position. It would be wrong to say that they have not shown flexibility in the past, but this would really be a break with tradition.

The lazy argument is that real estate categorically refuses to sanction wage increases for anyone over the age of 30.

Not only was Van Dijk’s deal softened that summer, but Jordan Henderson’s one after that. Thiago was signed at the age of 29 and automatically became the club’s second largest salary.

Then there is James Milner, who has accepted numerous renewals since joining in 2015. He is now 35 and does not expect to earn less today than he did six years ago.

Yet Salahs is the renewal of all renewals due to his current status in world football.

The worlds best

At the moment Liverpool have the best player in the world. One wonders if we could ever brag about it in the past …

Steven Gerrard won the title between 2005 and 2009, but at a time when Thierry Henry and Ronaldinho were strutting around.

Luis Suarez was unplayable in 2013-14 but was overshadowed by Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

At this moment, however, Salah is second to none.

After setting the Premier League record for goals or assistance in 15 games in a row, he is sparkling.

This season the winger (yes, the winger!) Has scored goals that shouldn’t be possible, making Liverpool a challenge for the title while exuding an aura of grandeur.

Coupled with his international appeal, he is arguably the most famous Liverpool player of all time. He could also be the best.

Engage the future of an athlete who has been on the cover of TIME magazine now features the acid test of the FSG’s reign.

They can hardly afford to lose an icon. This would not only harm the team, but damage their own reputation among the fans, who are already estranged.

Yet the best player will rightly demand the best wages. Or at least something close.

Depending on the medium of your choice, Salah’s camp is apparently asking for between £ 300,000 and £ 400,000 per week.

For the sake of argument, let’s assume it’s £ 350,000. This would take him from 17th highest paid player in England to fourth. There, no scruples. In fact, he probably deserves better.

The bigger issue is how this skews Liverpool’s own payroll. This would see Salah usurping Van Dijk of £ 130,000 a week.

We think our team is full of great guys, in large part because of Klopp’s ‘no cockheads’ policy. We would like to think that they too would recognize Salah as an exceptional case and would not blame him for such a massive increase in his income.

But egos exist, even in Liverpool.

The FSG may well fear the impact on future signings and re-signings. What’s stopping Mane from demanding something along the lines of his punchmate? Could Van Dijk be feeling upset?

The reason a salary structure exists is to avoid these same scenarios.

Man United serve as a warning here, with the signing of Alexis Sanchez apparently dividing the dressing room and disrupting the world’s most overrated player at Paul Pogba. They haven’t had any units or silverware since.

L’effet Wijnaldum

There is a school of thought that the renewal of Salah has been deliberately delayed, so it does not provide a benchmark against which to judge other contracts.

Van Dijk, Henderson, Alisson, Fabinho, Trent Alexander-Arnold and Andy Robertson have all been boxed in this regard.

The only exception was of course Gini Wijnaldum, whose own impasse created the nervousness of some Kopites.

For a very long time, it was simply assumed that the Dutchman’s deal would be extended, under better conditions.

For some reason, the club refused to budge, seemingly ill-prepared to improve the salary of a 29-year-old with a host of games on his football clock.

Without these aforementioned renewals, this mini-drama could have set a precedent for Salah. Maybe he still does.

To increase the pressure on the FSG, Salah was quick to express his desire to stay in Merseyside. It is not uncommon for clubs to divulge stories in an attempt to turn supporters against players they sell rather than become attached.

The likes of Sterling, Fernando Torres and Javier Mascherano have stories to tell in this regard.

Salah and / or his agent moved quickly to shut down this playbook. Between them, they left no doubt to the fans that the blame should be laid at the club’s door if no compromise is found.

So the ball is firmly in John Henry and Co.’s court.

With just 18 months left on Salah’s deal, it’s naive to think the European heavyweights haven’t made any overtures to the player himself, hoping to negotiate a discounted deal or transfer. free before the end of summer 2023.

While he will appreciate the admiring glances, you get the impression that the Egyptian’s bond with Liverpool is genuine and that he would really like to stay.

Yet with each goal, the sound of this clock grows louder.

A breakthrough would be the best Christmas present Liverpool fans could wish for.

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