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Antonio Conte gave an overview of Tottenham’s January transfer window and what to expect in the last two weeks.
Antonio Conte thought about the possibility of bringing a new face to Tottenham N17 in the January transfer window.
With less than two weeks to go before the end of the season, Spurs have not brought in a new player since their arrival in Italy.
The Lilleweites are currently sixth in the league, four points behind fourth-placed West Ham, but have four games left after the last North London derby was postponed.
Tottenham sold Dylan Markdain to Blackburn Rovers and Kyon Etteg to loan them to Ligue 1 side Cheltenham Town, but the North London club are yet to do anything.
According to, Conte wants to bring in a right-back, a central midfielder and a striker.
These are three positions that need to be improved for the Spurs, and while Harry Kane needs a little more resources, the Spurs still lack creativity in the middle of the pitch.
Emerson Royal and Matt Doherty are two right-back options, but they have not shown consistency under their new boss.
Adama Traore of the Wolves has been linked with a move to Tottenham and a player who could play the role.
At a pre-match press conference on Tuesday, Conte explained what to expect on the final day of the transfer.
Asked if he was sure he would have a new face in N17, he said on “I don’t know.”
“I know the transfer window in January is always tough and it’s easier to buy important players at the start of the season.
“It’s not easy in January, but if there is an opportunity at that time, and it’s not the best opportunity, we know very well that we need to do something.
“If I repeat, it may not be the best opportunity, but I think we had to try to implement the lineup because the team is not that big,” Conte added.
The Spurs boss was also asked if there was a need to transfer players before bringing in a new player.

“Honestly, it’s the right topic to talk about in private, not in front of the media,” said the Italian.
“I want to be the first to say it, not the last. The best thing about this topic is to talk in secret and find a solution.”
The 52-year-old has previously said he likes to have two players in each position and that the difference in quality between the two options is not so great.
So Tottenham have a number of roles to play, and the start of the change could be the last two weeks of this window.

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The decline in both semi-final and championship scores is largely due to the fact that the same teams play in these games over and over again. This is at least one theory, and it is a good theory. If so, it seems clear that the sport will get worse in 2022 and beyond.
What would you do if you could bet on Alabama (BetMGM’s 2/1), Georgia (5/2) and Ohio (6/1) right now in 2022? I know what to do. I picked them up and didn’t look back. Give me the price and I’ll pay. Until then, here’s a non-seasonal story for gamblers to ponder.
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