Arsenal can dominate fierce rivals Manchester United in the race for the Premier League title. – Sky Sports Breaking News 2021

Mikel Arteta special: Arsenal can dominate fierce rivals Manchester United in the race for the Premier League title., News Sports, sports

Mikel Arteta has turned Arsenal into a legitimate PL title contender. But both sides of Manchester are hot. Do the Gunners have enough to disrupt the match?; Watch Arsenal vs Man Utd live on Sky Sports Premier League on Sundays, 4.30pm kick-off.

Mikel Arteta special: Arsenal can dominate fierce rivals Manchester United in the race for the Premier League title.

Mikel Arteta has turned Arsenal into a legitimate PL title contender. But both sides of Manchester are hot. Do the Gunners have enough to disrupt the match?; Watch Arsenal vs Man Utd live on Sky Sports Premier League on Sundays, 4.30pm kick-off.

Perfection doesn’t exist in the Premier League, but if it does, it looks like the football Arsenal are producing this season.

The Gunners are the team to watch at home when they are away. They balance youth with experience. They drive results with their flair and skill. But it can win ugly as well. Consider the 1-0 win over Leeds in October as proof.

Sunday’s north London derby victory also featured a similar highlight.

Arsenal’s success was not instantaneous. It follows a formal order. It was cultivated over time. Polished and refined by professionals with unceasingly high standards. and methods that are as precise as they are precise.

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Mikel Arteta’s long-term project is starting to bear fruit.

Arsenal could overtake Manchester City as the favorites for the Premier League crown this season. But Arteta is uncomfortable with the bookmaker’s assessment. He leaves no stone unturned to chance.

Like a rational head coach. He measured his progress with tangible landmarks such as his first league double over old rivals Tottenham for the first time since 2013-14.

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Or a 5-point advantage (and the game in hand) they currently hold dominance over their closest rivals, Man City.

or more interesting Their impressive total of points (47 from 18 matches) – the most they’ve accumulated at this stage of a league campaign since. they overtake They were even Arsenal’s ‘Invincibles’ from 2003-04.

And how did we get here? Can a prominent form like this last?

“The plan is always to do better. and get better quickly But the reality is different,” Arteta began. “Unfortunately, curves don’t always [up]; curves up and down,” he explains with wave-like hand movements.

“I am lucky because I get the support I need every moment. We encountered problems that I had never thought of before, such as COVID, we needed time to develop the team. to develop the team which it is in A state that needs a lot of improvement, we are now in a much better position.”

The position the Spaniards talk about is the top position on the table. If they stay on until May 28, Arsenal will lift the Premier League trophy for the first time in 19 years. They were 40/1 outsiders before the ball kicked off.

“The demands the club makes from the players leave them hungry,” Arteta continued. by showing humility in the next sentence “Nothing has yet been won. it’s too early But the supporters fused fire and desire. Confidence has a lot to do with it. That has to be at this level.”

“We haven’t [won the league], this team is new to it. We must provide all possible arguments to try and make it work. the desire is there Of course I am very happy with Where we are – I’m not going to change that.”

Arteta himself is obsessed with development. Which is understandable if you consider his rule. Working under Pep Guardiola at City won two Premier League titles, an FA Cup and two League Cups, fast forward a few years after that. And Pep’s protege is now the most reliable threat to City’s fifth title in six seasons.

Arteta was not sarcastic in poaching his former educator. But nonetheless, enjoy the battle that takes place between the red north coast of London and the blue skies of Manchester.

“It’s weird,” he said. “We’ve been working together for years. We have had amazing experiences together. We have a very special relationship. and when you meet someone like that It’s always weird, but I know the day I decide. (Leaves Manchester City to join Arsenal) ] It will be like that.

Meanwhile, Guardiola’s tormented soul is busy trying to make it illegally perfect. lament the team that But Arteta did the opposite. He ignited the fire under his players. Arsenal’s DNA, which was known to teams in the Arsene Wenger era, is finally back. Football is easy on the eyes. sometimes excited But more importantly, winning.

How does Arsenal feel about the Zinchenko impact?
“We protect and represent our club in every possible way,” he said. “We can do a lot better as a club and as a team. That is the demand we face. We are the first to say we want to be the best. That is the wish of this club. Our main goal is Do the right thing every day

“Victory brings everything together, believe me, victory is very useful. It’s the whole point. everything we do how i say here Everything we do on the football field Every decision we make is a win. That’s the most important thing.”

Man City’s slight slump City is to get Arsenal. But stormy waters lie ahead. Indeed, the goals on the backs of the Gunners have only grown bigger and bigger this week as Manchester United try to infiltrate their way into the Championship. Arsenal are now seen as a threat. And it was huge at that time. There must be a very delicate competition. “Flips and flips,” said Arteta.

Arsenal take the lead
Arsenal have not finished in the top four of the PL in the last six seasons. since the last season of Miguel Arteta as a player in 2015-16

So Erik ten Hag’s meeting with United on Sunday comes at an interesting juncture. Earlier, tackling big chances faced this young Arsenal defender. So the intense and fast exam has arrived. How will they be?

“We have learned a big lesson. You have to understand that defeat has some context. some things we can control Some things are beyond our control. We have a responsibility to learn from our mistakes.

“It is true that the team has learned to cope with those difficult moments in a very effective way. it is important There were moments when it was raining, windy, bad pitches and we played three days ago, but you have to still win in that context.

“To win in any situation is what a great team should have. You can’t win the same way every three days, it’s not possible, it’s about finding a way – what triggered that moment for you to cross the line and win the football match.”

This season has been packed with momentum. Something for Arsenal’s sake. Just as United began to show signs of recovery. In a win over rivals Manchester City on Saturday, their young midfielder Casemiro was booked for a foul on Wilfried. Zaha’s midweek game against Crystal Palace kept him out of United’s trip to the Emirates. The Brazilian’s absence could give Arsenal a competitive edge.

How big a mistake will Casemiro be for Man Utd at Arsenal?
Throughout the ’90s, this accessory was synonymous with ‘dark arts’. Think Patrick Vieira vs Roy Keane. Think brawls. quarrel quarrel It was a regret that preceded both the manager and all the playing staff. But this weekend’s encounter has the potential to spark. Go back to the past if you want, it “meansive”, admits Arteta.

“I have a memory [Arsenal vs Manchester United] since I was a kid – I’ve seen those fights. I remember how intense and fascinating it was. That really got me interested… Every game is massive now but we are really determined and determined.

Indeed, both clubs are on similar upward trajectories after their respective transition periods. But until recently often have symptoms of wobbly We should get a better indication of who’s next in evolution this Sunday.

Arsenal reach £27m deal for Brighton’s Trossard

Arteta finished by offering his thoughts on Arsenal’s newest arrival, Leandro Trossard, who he hopes can help hold their place: “He’s a player who gives us so much versatility and quality. In the last third, he knows the league, he is ready and he wants to come – he wants to come, we welcome that type of player to the club.’

“He had a smile on his face. And he believes it is the right moment for him to make the move. It’s really well done. Between players, agents and clubs, I really like the process and the end result. apparently He is ready and will be available on Sunday. I am very happy.

The question is, Arteta will still rub his hands together on Sunday evening. Or will United’s resurgence be too hot to handle?

Watch Arsenal vs Man Utd live on Sky Sports Premier League on Sundays from 4pm, 4.30pm kick-off.

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