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Arsenal, Manchester United, Tottenham Hotspur and West Ham are all battling to secure a place in next season’s Champions League.

Mikel Arteta’s Arsenal have big games ahead of the end of the Premier League season

The last four Premier League games have seen more and more twists and turns in the top four and then the Champions League qualifiers.
Arsenal were driving for the fourth time over the weekend, but their European ambitions were shattered by a surprise defeat in Brighton a few days after they beat Crystal Palace 3-0 at Selhurst Park. Only the Emirate was not upset.
Both Manchester United and West Ham failed to capitalize on the Gunners’ misfortune, with the Red Devils losing 1-0 to Everton at Goodison Park and the Hammers losing 2-0 at Brentford. The series’s relegation allowed Tottenham to take full advantage, with Song Hyun Min scoring a hat-trick to give Spurs a 4-0 win over Aston Villa.
With just a few games left in this impressive Premier League season, let’s take a closer look at the remaining games of the four teams vying for fourth place in Mirror Football.
Mikel Arteta’s side have recovered remarkably in recent months, losing the first three games of the season to the bottom of the Premier League. However, the two defeats mean the Gunners are in real danger of making up for all the progress they have made this season.
Arsenal have eight Premier League games left this season, the most of any player competing in the Champions League, but their advantage has waned. The Gunners slipped to fifth place after beating Brighton, beating their fierce rivals, but are three points adrift of Tottenham (well below the goal gap) at 54 points.
Arsenal hope to return to victory on Saturday when they travel to Southampton, who sent six of them home to Chelsea. Among the challenges of the final will be Arteta’s trip to United and a test trip to Chelsea, West Ham and Tottenham.
Manchester United

Ralph Rangnik’s Manchester United are in danger of missing out on next season’s Champions League

United’s tough season continued over the weekend with a win over Everton against the Red Devils at Goodison Park on Saturday. Ralph Rangnik’s side have won just one of their last five Premier League games and face a major challenge in returning to Champions League football next season.
United are currently seventh with 51 points, six behind Tottenham and seven behind in fourth place. The Red Devils are looking forward to a win over lower club Norwich next weekend ahead of two challenging games against Liverpool and Arsenal. Before leaving for Brighton in May, Rangnik will host Brentford and will have two games to win.

The Premier League campaign United will visit Selhurst Park to host Crystal Palace on the final day of the season. There is also the small issue of changing the date at Old Trafford with Chelsea before the end of the season.

Antonio Conte’s Tottenham will take advantage of this weekend’s success to take the top four.

Taking full advantage of this weekend’s many setbacks, Tottenham are now the fourth-most important leaders in the Premier League and have qualified for next season’s Champions League. Villa break Antonio Conte’s side are four points adrift of north London rivals Arsenal, who are fourth with 57 points.
Before April, Spurs will host Brighton and Leicester and visit Brentford. Tottenham will need to be in top form for the final month of the season before heading to Anfield to play champions Liverpool, first in the North London derby against Arsenal at Tottenham Hotspur. May 12.

The last two games have been relatively straight on paper as the Spurs travel to Turf Moore to play Burnley before hosting Norwich on the final day of the season. However, if the struggling pair are still able to secure the Premier League, Conte’s side could face two challenges.
West Ham

David Moyes’ West Ham have an outside chance of finishing fourth this season

David Moyes had a fantastic season at West Ham, but his loss to Brentford on Saturday was a setback. The Hammers are sixth in the table with 51 points, but they have just six games left, the fewest of their first four opponents.
Moyes’ side travel to Lyon on Thursday for their second match of the Europa League quarter-finals, and if they make progress, European promises could be up for grabs. Returning to Premier League games next Sunday, the Irons will welcome Burnley to the London Stadium and end April with a delicious London derby against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge.
The game against Arsenal at West Ham on May 1 will be crucial in determining the dream of the top four on both sides. The Hammers are touring Brighton and Norwich as part of their Premier League campaign, culminating in a visit to current league leaders Manchester City.
Arsenal games: Southampton (a), Chelsea (a), Manchester United (a), West Ham (a), Leeds (a), Tottenham (a), Newcastle (a), Everton (a).
Manchester United games: Norwich (hours), Liverpool (hours), Arsenal (a), Brentford (hours), Brighton (hours), Crystal Palace (hours), Chelsea (hours; date tbc)
Tottenham Hotspur: Brighton (hours), Brentford (hours), Leicester (hours), Liverpool (hours), Arsenal (hours), Burnley (hours), Norwich (hours).
West Ham: Burnley (hours), Chelsea (a), Arsenal (a), Norwich (a), Manchester City (h), Brighton (a).

Kyle Walker explains Liverpool’s lessons during the FA Cup in Manchester City
Manchester City take on Liverpool in the FA Cup on Saturday, less than a week after their Premier League clash.

Andrew Robertson blocked Kyle Walker’s pass

Kyle Walker believes Manchester City are entering an important week of the season, knowing they can hurt their opponents in attack.
City are set to face Atletico Madrid in their second Champions League game of the season against Liverpool before heading to Wembley to play in the FA Cup final. Pep Guardiola’s side are unbeaten since their first week, beating Atletico 1-0 and drawing 2-2 in the Premier League against Liverpool.
If he gets frustrated with taking back his biggest rival for the league title twice, the Blues will welcome him because he has created so many chances against Liverpool. Riyad Mahrez and Kevin De Bruyne hit outside the box, Virgil Van Dyke completed Gabriel Jesus’ shot and Rahim Sterling was in the position against the millimeter and was not allowed to control his goal.
‘In a very important game, two good teams were fighting on the tip of their toes. “We still lead the league and we’re disappointed we didn’t score three points.”
“I said in an interview this week that it’s like a chess game between two high-level teams fighting. They can always punish you. I thought we had a lot of problems before they ran. It’s going to be a very important week ahead of us. is something you can catch. “
After the excitement of Liverpool, City will have to embrace the game against Atletico, which is expected to be another difficult one. The La Liga champions failed to hit the Etihad, but their defense was so good that the Blues struggled through the night before substitute Phil Foden’s magic allowed Kevin De Bruyne to score. game.
The townspeople know they can’t give up, but there is no doubt that the team will get through this difficult time. A group of players accustomed to fighting for the best trophy are interested in adding to their medal collection.
“It’s exciting and that’s what you want to be involved in. We’re one point ahead, they have to catch us, we have to lose points. If we go and win every game, they can’t catch us,” Walker said.
“We’ve run before and hope we can do it again. If you don’t like to play football like that in a month, you’ll never enjoy football.
“We will face some of the best opponents in today’s game against Atletico Madrid on Wednesday. Then we will face Liverpool again in the FA Cup. It’s a great week for football.”

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