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Ashes - England coach Chris Silverwood said he would choose the same teams again in the first two tests, Cricket, News, sport

England coach Chris Silverwood said he would choose the same two teams again despite the tourists falling 2-0 in the Ashes match against Australia.

England lost the first test in Brisbane by nine goals and then suffered another serious defeat in the second test in Adelaide on Monday with 275 runs.

Many experts and commentators have questioned the selection of the bowling attack in every match.

“Opinions are always divided,” Silverwood told BBC Sport.

“You choose a team and not everyone will agree with you.”

When BBC cricket correspondent Jonathan Agnew asked if he would choose the same starting point for the two tests again, Silverwood replied, “Honestly, I would.”

England missed the test’s highest goalkeeper, James Anderson and Stuart Broad, of the first test, where they targeted Jack Leach’s left-handed spin with 1-102 after just 13 over.

Anderson was rested as a precaution, but Broad said he was “ready” for Gabba, and Australian Captain Pat Cummins was “surprised” by Broad’s omission.

Anderson and Broad were recalled, and Leach and Mark Wood were knocked out for the day-night test at the Adelaide Oval.

England had hoped Anderson and Broad would take advantage of the circumstances to find more movement with the pink ball under the spotlights, but the sun seemed most threatening early in the fourth day, while Chris Woakes, a seamstress, rarely threatened the 1-149 aggregation.

The spinners dropped 10 of 38 gates in Adelaide and relied on Joe Root’s off-spin and Dawid Malan’s part-time leg spin without a cutting-edge spin, while seamstress Ollie Robinson was also spinning until a spell. Root was off the field to be examined.

The extraordinary pace of Mitchell Starc and off-spinner Nathan Lyon’s ability to turn and rebound has disturbed England throughout, with the pair scoring a total of 11 goals.

“I was happy with our knowledge of the pink-ball test, so I would choose the same team again,” Silverwood added.

Ponting “almost fell off the chair,” Root remarks
After the second test, a visibly frustrated Root said England had made “the same mistakes” and needed to make a “fuller bowl” and “braver” to toss the ball.

The second test followed a similar pattern to England’s defeat in Adelaide four years ago, when they were criticized for playing too short bowls.

England scored three goals in seven runs early in the fourth day in Australia’s second inning when they threw a full length.

Former Australian Captain Ricky Ponting said he “almost dropped out of my seat” when he heard Root’s remarks.

Speaking to Cricket Australia, he said: “Then why are you a captain?

“If you can’t influence your bowlers to what length they are, what are you doing on the course?”

Root said the plans were “well communicated,” but “people are captivated by the emotions of the game.”

Silverwood said he had “no problem” with Root’s remarks and England could “potentially” throw more fully on the first day after Australia won the throw and bat.

“It was a great difference to be a little fuller, to keep up with the momentum,” Silverwood added.

“The captain is out there, he wants them to be a little fuller, and when we did, we caused problems. So I have no problem with what he said.

“We have to be prepared to set up fields that also provide protection for bowlers, and that’s what Joe was trying to do – if he tossed it up a little, it would cause problems.”

Root also criticized England’s percussion and field play, and Silverwood added that they were “investigating” the exchange of out-of-shape bats.

“We need to run, and that’s the top and the bottom,” he said.

“How do we get 400 on the table first? All options have been discussed.”

“Real desire” to return to the series
England has never been able to win the Ashes 2-0 in the series ’139-year history.

They suffered a 4-0 defeat in 2017-18 due to a 5-0 defeat in 2013-14.

Steve Smith, who led Australia instead of the missing Cummins, said the hosts “wanted” to give England another 5-0 bleach.

“I don’t look at that,” Silverwood said. “But we have to make sure that doesn’t happen and we have to make sure we prepare for the next match.

“I feel like I really want to go back to the series, and I feel like they will too.”

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