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"Can you find a job for me?": Athletes lose to Covid, family struggle, News Sky Sports, sky sports

Sport has been a lifelong urgency to their legend. Then Covid took his life, saddened his family and left without a safety net. Some people are desperate to work because of rent, tuition, and loan amounts. Others are afraid that numbers and the entire tournament heritage will be wasted. See some of the tragic stories.

Kiran Deo’s wife Vidya lost her job as a receptionist at a cricket club.

Written by Nitin Sharma, Mihir Vasavda, Shahid Judge, Shashank Nair, Devendra Pandey, Shivani Naik, Gaurav Bhatt.

Years of the pandemic locked them in quarantine, but athletes around the world found resilience to spend time on people-pleasantly, they found their moral voice saying NO. Gymnast Simone Biles, tennis star Naomi Osaka, and Virat Kohli shared their thoughts and went against customs. This year again, athletes have uncovered the full potential of social media. Not only big names, but even previously unknown ones in small towns have become stars in their own right. There were also some groundbreaking performances that could withstand the challenges of time. Hockey captain Mumbai-born New Zealand cricket has returned to his roots to make history, the badminton star has finally learned how to marry commerce and art, and he has awakened the country’s nostalgic pride. The thirst of a man who fired to quench the gold-plated Javelin.

“A heavy burden on the United States”

  1. Ashutosh Gupta (26, Delhi)
    Swimming coach
    Death Status: After a positive Covid-19 test in the second wave, Gupta died while waiting for admission to a hospital in New Delhi.
    Survivors: parents, wives, siblings, sisters
    🟥 Gupta, a swimming coach at a government-run facility in Central Delhi, was the main earner of his family. His father, 57, works as a security guard for a private company, and his brother spends time between studying and working part-time.
    Assistance received: 50,000 rupees from the Government of Delhi.
    What the family wants: “After he died, we had a problem paying even the rent in time. We have an immeasurable burden,” said Ashtosh’s brother Ann. Kit says.

“Day and half to find a bed”

  1. C Shanmugam (80, Bangalore)
    National water polo player
    Death status: After a positive Covid-19 test, health complications occurred.
    Survivors: wife, daughter, three sons
    🟥 The family doesn’t need financial help, but they feel that the 1982 Asian Games water polo team, which won the bronze medal, should have received better treatment.
    Assistance received: None
    What the family wants: “They prioritized people under the age of 45, so we spent a day and a half finding a hospital bed for him. He served the country. He was a presidential award winner for his service, yet the government was blind to everything. If the government helped us when he was sick, maybe my dad would live today It would have been, “says his son Maddy Allagan.

“You can’t waste your data.”

  1. Baboolal Goverdhan Joshi (67, Sehor, MP)
    Hockey statistician
    Death situation: Covid-19 complications.
    Survivor: his wife and two sons.
    🟥 Both sons are employed and the family is financially safe.
    Assistance received: None.
    What the family wants: The family has a wealth of hockey data. The sons do not know how to preserve their father’s legacy. “He spent his whole life on this. We can’t waste it,” says his son Shravan.

There is no support from BCCI or DDCA.

  1. Krishan Kumar Tiwali (52, Delhi)
    BCCI scorer
    Death Situation: After failing to find a bed in New Delhi during the second wave of Covid-19, Tiwali was transferred to AIIMS Jhajjar, where he died.
    Survivors: wife, two daughters and one son.
    🟥 Known in Delhi’s Circle for over 30 years, Tiwali has covered 4 tests, 5 ODIs, 60 lunge games and over 50 IPL ties. With his death, the family faced a financial crisis. Her daughter, Shubhangi, an LLB graduate, lost her law firm job during Covid. Currently she is practicing independently.
    Assistance received: None
    What the family wants: “I was working for a Delhi-based lawyer, but due to Covid and a limited proceeding. My dad was in our house completed in October. We moved there because we worked hard for it. So far, there is no support from BCCI or DDCA, “says daughter Shubhangi.

“Continue hosting tournament”

  1. Pramod Sood (62, Delhi)
    DDCA member, tournament organizer.
    Death Situation: He died of a heart attack while he was being treated for Covid in a hospital in New Delhi.
    Survivors: mother, wife, two sons.
    🟥 The family isn’t facing a financial crisis, but the sons aren’t sure if they can continue to host the tournaments that their father has helped over the last 30 years.
    Assistance received: None.
    What the family wants: “As long as I live, my father’s tradition of hosting a cricket tournament that has produced more than 50 first-class cricket players will continue,” says his son Jatin.

“7LAKH clear loan amount”

  1. Jagdy Shrad (34, Mumbai)
    International bodybuilder
    Death Situation: Covid-19 complications that affect blood pressure and oxygen levels.
    Survivors: parents, wife, daughter, younger brother Santosh.
    🟥 The family moved to their parents’ home in Kundal, Sangli, because they couldn’t afford to pay the rent of 19,000 rupees.
    Assistance received: Local politicians donated 60,000 rupees and also supported the bodybuilding federation.
    What the family wants: 34-year-old Rudd switched to coaching because the gym was closed due to a pandemic

“Ladderless without him”

  1. Dattatray Dudam (60, Mumbai)
    Malakambu Champion & Coach
    Death Status: After being admitted to the ICU, Dudam had been on ventilator for 3 days.
    Survivor: his wife and two daughters.
    🟥 One of Dudam’s daughters works as a coach in Mallakhamba and the other is a graphic designer. Since he worked on the railroad, his family will receive a pension. He is believed to have shaped 45-50 small lands in the city for training in Mallakhamba. But he never charged.
    Assistance received: None.
    What the family wants: “As a family, we barely achieved our goals. He worships Mallakhamba and anyone who wants to learn skills should not find it difficult to learn for a fee. He believed. He put together a robust system and equipment for players in the far suburbs, but his dreams are still incomplete. Without him, we’re totally reckless, “said her daughter. Deepari says.

“Twice nominated, no drona”

  1. Balachandran Nair, (71, Thiruvananthapuram)
    Badminton coach
    Death Status: Five days after a positive test, his condition deteriorated rapidly and he died.
    Survivors: wife and two daughters.
    🥥 Nair also served on the State Sports Council and was later appointed coach of SAI. He taught VDiju and Vimal Kumar. He was particularly effective in coaching his juniors on overseas tours. Both daughters are working.
    Assistance received: None.
    What the family wants: Two nominations for the Dronachariya Award, he missed both opportunities. “He lived and slept in badminton. He had no time to do anything else in his life,” says his daughter Prija Chandra V. The family feels that he must acknowledge his contribution to the game.

“No positive report, no bed”

  1. Kamlakar Zende (68, Pune)
    National level cyclists and coaches
    Death Situation: Despite low oxygen levels, Zende was denied admission to two hospitals because he did not have a Covid test report. He got a hospital bed late at night. He died the next morning.
    Survivors: wife, son, daughter. Son Prashant is a Railways technical fitter.
    Assistance received: None.
    What the family wants: Prashant says hospitalization may have been easier and the general public should take care of it. “We struggled to get my dad into the hospital all night for a variety of reasons, including the positive test reports needed late at night. He died before they tested him. Pandemic In that case, that shouldn’t happen. You can hold the race in your dad’s memory, “says Prasant.

“This fights for survival”

  1. Anupama Punchimanda (41, Bangalore)
    Former Indian junior player and referee
    Her death situation: A week after a positive Covid-19 test, she had a heart attack during her home quarantine in Bangalore.
    Survivor: her husband.
    🟥 After Anupama’s death, her husband lost his job. He has now moved to his village Beth to reduce his expenses.
    Assistance received: None.
    Family Wants: Anupama’s husband, MS Mandana, suffers from heart disease and needs urgent financial support and work. “There is a fight for survival and I don’t want to blame hockey India and other governments, but in such situations all forms of support could have been provided,” he says.

“I wish I had support”

  1. Talwinder Singh (67, Patiala)
    Patiara’s Pandove Stadium Curator
    Death Status: He died in the hospital about eight days after a positive test.
    Survivors: wife, son, daughter. His son works as a police prosecutor in Australia.
    Assistance received: None.
    What the family wants: For now, there’s no urgent financial need, but his son says things might have been better. “My dad retired seven years ago and my mother closed the business 20 years ago, but I wish I had the help,” said Shin’s son Gary.

“DAUGHTER research is incomplete”

  1. Suresh Thakur (56, Chandigarh)
    Hockey referee
    Death Status: Tested positive for Covid-19 virus in April and died two weeks later.
    Survivor: his wife and daughter. The family lives in a rented house and the daughter is still studying.
    Assistance received: None.
    What the family wants: Takul’s wife receives her pension from the bank where her deceased husband worked. “My husband was quitting the referee because of a heart problem. Apart from paying for rent and other costs, the education of her daughter remains our need,” said Takul’s wife Sunita Takul. Said.

“Living in a rental house”

  1. Virendra Singh (47, Meerut)
    Hockey referee and manager
    Death situation: There was cardiac arrest after Covid complications.
    Survivors: wife, son, daughter.

🟥 Shin worked as Deputy Chief Ticket Inspector for Northern Railways. A wife who struggles to manage the research and upbringing of pre-teens children.
Assistance received: None.
What the family wants: Urgent financial support that the family needs to maintain rent. “My son is 10 years old, but my daughter is 8 years old. Apart from that, my husband’s parents are also with us. We have both children educated. Must be confirmed. We are staying in Jin

Going home, the savings aren’t that big, “said Shin’s wife, Nitusin.

“Need money for school”

  1. Narrender Sharma (49, Meerut)
    Weightlifting referee
    Death Status: Sharma and his father died on the same day after a positive Covid-19 virus test.
    Survivors: mother, wife, daughter, son.
    🥥 UP Shin, who was the Vice President of the Weightlifting Association, owned a school in a village near Meerut. A family with two children attending pre-teens school is having a hard time achieving their goals because the school was closed due to a pandemic blockade.
    Assistance received: None.
    What the family wants: My wife needs money to reopen school. Apart from that, the wife needs financial assistance to educate her two children. “I lost my husband and father-in-law on the same day. Both pillars of our family are now gone and we are still in shock. While we need to fund the education of my children So I’m also worried about my husband and the school I run in a village near Melat, “said Sharma’s wife Arcana Sharma.

“Waiting for work”

  1. Ajay Rastogi (58, Mumbai)
    Billiard and snooker referee
    Death status: Died in the hospital. I was working on a railroad.
    Survivor: his father, wife, two sons and daughter-in-law.
    🟥 At the time of his death, Lastgi was the only working member of the family. His eldest son worked for Thomas Cook in the tourism industry, and his second son worked for Cars24. Both lost their jobs due to the first blockade and have been struggling to find a job ever since. Currently, the family survives on Lastgi’s father’s pension, but the family has not yet liquidated their mortgage.
    Assistance received: None.
    What the family wants: “Ajay was still working, so he wasn’t retired, so we’re still trying to get my eldest son to get a railroad job (when the pandemic began). , They lost their jobs), but nothing has happened so far, “says wife Seema.

“I was the only earner in my family.”

  1. Kunal Lonkar (33, Nagpur)
    Former Vidarbha cricket player
    Death situation: After being hospitalized for a week, he died.
    Survivors: parents, wife, son.
    🟥 Roncà gave up cricket and worked for a real estate company. He was also taking care of his uncle’s farmhouse. His coach Sameer Deshpande said he was the only earner in the family.
    Assistance received: None
    What the family wants: “He was the only earner in the family and even had small children. It’s very hard for the family. It’s going to be a very tough time for his family.” Says Deshpande.

“This pushed us back.”

  1. Vilas Bandiwadekar (63, Mumbai)
    Former Mumbai Ampire
    Death situation: Fever after vaccination. He was hospitalized because the fever did not subside. He died of a complication of Covid-19.
    Survivor: daughter.
    🥥 Known as a bandiser in Mumbai’s cricket circle, he has conducted various MCA referee exams over the past 20 years. His daughter is currently working at Thomas Cook.
    Assistance received: The Mumbai Cricket Association gave him 50,000 rupees after he was infected.
    What the family wants: “He’s a earning member, and emptiness has pushed us back financially,” her daughter says.

“Lost brother, father”
19 & 20. Subhash (73) & Indrajit Kanulkar (40) – Mumbai
Representing Mumbai as a junior
Death Situation: Subhash had to be admitted to the hospital after his entire family was infected with the virus. A week later, his son Indrajit was also hospitalized. Covid’s complications resulted in their death.
Survivors: mother, wife, son
🟥 A popular Maidan cricket player from Indrajit, son of Subhash in the 80’s, played at CCI. Indrajit’s wife is a BMC auditor.
Assistance received: No
What the family wants: “It’s hard to say at this point. It was a painful experience to suddenly lose two of our loved ones and not even have the opportunity to say goodbye. Father On the 12th day of the ritual, I lost my brother, which was a horrifying experience, “said Neha’s daughter in Subhash.

“Passed by ambulance”

  1. John Alfonso (71, Mumbai)
    Football coach
    Death Situation: After a positive Covid-19 test, Alfonso got a hospital bed in a very difficult situation. He had to move to the ICU because his oxygen levels had dropped. “He died in an ambulance after trying to find a bed in multiple hospitals. His death certificate stated that he had a heart attack,” Alfonso’s wife said. increase.
    Survivors: wife, son, daughter.
    n The wife of Alfonso, a teacher who retired in 2018, is currently receiving a pension.
    Assistance received: None.
    What the family wants: “I know his husband has died. It’s impossible to get him back, but this pandemic really needs to end,” Alfonso’s wife said.

“Sisters’ wedding worries”

  1. Vazir Khan (61, Hyderabad)
    State soccer player
    Death Situation: Khan complained of pain in his stomach and chest. Tests showed that he had Covid and he died 21 days later
    Survivors: wife, son, three daughters.
    🥥 Vazir’s son has a degree in his B.Com. The family expects pensions and tips from the SBI where Khan worked. Family relies on

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