St. Louis Cardinals’ manager Mike Shildt is outta here, because good wasn’t good enough

He is, indeed, outta here.Image: Getty Images Is the Cardinals’ “philosophy” hiring underwhelming coaching staffs? I don’t know if Mike Shildt deserved to be fired. There are certainly several franchises […]

Steph-mania has seeped into the WNBA

“Night night.”Image: Getty Images If it were not already apparent that Steph Curry is the popular kid who dictates whether 10th graders one- or two-strap their backpacks, fans needn’t look […]

Hornets buy back favorite hoodie from Goodwill

Reunited and it feels so… eh.Image: Getty Images When Kenny Atkinson ultimately passed on the Charlotte Hornets head coaching job, the thought was at least Mike D’Antoni will keep LaMelo […]

Jolly St. Perk, fashion faux pas, and more from NBA Draft night

Paolo Banchero (L), Mark Williams (C), and Malaki Branham (R) pose for photos.Image: Getty Images I had the ESPN broadcast of last night’s NBA Draft on while cooking dinner, and […]

Jaden Ivey says playing for the Kings ‘wouldn’t be the worst option’

Guess who isn’t completely opposed to playing for the Kings?Illustration: Getty Images On the list of things NBA players don’t want to do, playing in Sacramento has to be close […]

The most exhausted pro athletes are…

Photo: Getty Images The funny thing about sportswriters complaining about how a professional season is too long is if you ask a person if they’re overworked, how many are going […]

Tommy Pham says he has ‘no regrets’ over slapping Joc Pederson

The Punisher.Image: Getty Images It seems like any and all TV and film studios are willing to green light content remotely resembling IP. We’re getting universes that we didn’t know […]