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Both LIVERPOOL and Chelsea are targeting a star player in Barcelona under Xavi.

Barcelona boss Xavi Hernandez has described Liverpool and Chelsea’s target Gavi as “brutal” while praising him as a teenager for his performances this season. At the start of the campaign, Ronald Koeman was promoted to senior and became one of Barça’s best players this season.
He was mainly selected for the central midfield and compared to his legendary coach.
But last week, against Atletico Madrid, Gavi appeared on the left wing and put in another impressive performance.
The youngster scored his team’s second goal in a 4-2 victory over Diego Simeone’s men.
The victory puts Barça in the top four and will consolidate that position as they travel to rival Espanyol on Sunday.
Gavi, one of the most important players in Shavi’s team, will definitely play again.
As the derby day began, Xavi praised the young man, describing him as “brutal.”
“He steals a lot of balls and it’s brutal to put pressure on him after a defeat,” he said, adding that something was unusual in Spanish.
“He rotates very well, he knows how to stay in shape, he knows he’s a third person, he knows when to go in.
“His 17-year-old is really great. It’s great to train him.”
According to the sport, Xavi’s praise comes at a time when both Liverpool and Chelsea are interested in the fantastic youngster playing under a youth contract.
Barca are trying to sign him on a long-term deal, but the lack of progress in the deal has opened the door for the Premier League pair.
The Reds and Blues are one of the teams that “raised their hands” to show interest in the 17-year-old.
Many clubs are uncertain about his future and have asked Barcelona’s own and the midfielder’s agent.
However, according to Sport, the La Liga champions remain “calm” about Gavi’s situation, but know they need to act quickly to secure his future at the Nou Camp.
Gavi himself is very interested in him, but his desire to stay in Catalonia could be beneficial for Barça.
Xavi’s desire to remain a Spanish star will inevitably increase as he continues his lyrical talk about her.

Mark Overmars could face up to life in prison after an Ajax sex scandal

Mark Overmars left Ajax after being caught sending inappropriate messages

Former Arsenal star Overmars has resigned as Ajax’s football director earlier this month after being found to have sent a number of inappropriate messages to his colleagues.
Mark Overmars could be ruled out of Dutch football for life due to a sex scandal that led to his resignation from Ajax.
The 48-year-old former Arsenal winger has resigned as Amsterdam’s football director after admitting to sending obscene words and pictures to his staff.
His shameful act violates the Dutch Football Association’s rules that everyone who plays in the Netherlands must follow strict rules of fairness.
One of the sanctions open to them is to prevent the Overmers from regaining their position in the domestic game.
The rules govern coaches and managers. Medical staff, board members and directors.

Overmars resigned last week after several complaints were sent to Ajax’s board of directors alleging that female employees had sent inappropriate text and sexually explicit photos.
He is considered one of the best directors in football after the formation of Ajax, which re-emerged as the dominant force in the Netherlands during his tenure.
Overmars signed a new contract with Ajax two months ago after Newcastle tried to lure him to Tynesay.
He is married to former Dutch Miss Chantal van Voensel, and the couple has two older sons, Frankie and Nick.
When the Dutchman stepped down last weekend, he admitted that he was ashamed of his behavior.
He also apologized on Ajax’s website and asked to be left alone to repair the damage done to his family.
Overmars was lured by Newcastle’s offer, but the Tunisians’ struggle to avoid relegation was not the right move.
Ajax rewarded him with a huge salary for his £ 350 million profit in the transfer market.
He made it clear before the Premier League that he wanted to test himself in the Premier League.
However, EA Sports has removed him from the FIFA 22 computer game as a “digital legend” and his reputation is now declining.

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