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Former Watford owner Lawrence Bassini plans to buy Birmingham City for 27 million pounds.

“It will be a cold hell day before I say Lawrence Bassini has taken a step forward.”
Football financial analyst Kiran Maguire made the decision after Watford’s controversial former owner Bassini offered to take over Birmingham.
Bassini was the head of the Hornets between 2011 and 2012 before being sold to the Pozzo family, and since then the London-based businessman has tried unsuccessfully to buy shares in other English football clubs.
The 51-year-old has been in talks with Oldham Athletic and Charlton in recent years, but his attempt to buy the Bolton Wanderers in 2019 failed due to a lack of funding guarantees.
However, Bassini is interested in buying the Blues from current owners Trillion Trophy Asia (TTA) for £ 27 million, according to the Mirror.
Originally from the British Virgin Islands, TTA, led by Chinese businessman Paul Suen, bought the Blues in 2016.
During his time as Blues owner, the TTA appointed eight managers after the dismissal of Gary Rowette in December 2016.
The Blues deducted nine points from the EFL in 2019 for violating the profitability and stability rules as a result of the 2017 summer transfer window.
Earlier this year, the Blues sold their stadium, St. Andrew’s Stadium, to real estate investor Kang Min-Ming, earning £ 10.78 million for the club’s parent company, Birmingham Sports Holdings.
The club is currently paying an annual rent of £ 1.25 million, which will be reviewed in 2025 and will be sold to a separate entity, Birmingham City Stadium Ltd.
St. Andrews has not met his goals this year after the owners postponed construction, which means the Blues have played on a low-capacity field this season.
Blues fans are unhappy with their current owners, but Maguire Bassini is adamant that is not the answer.

“What we have now is the owners paying,” he began. “It’s clear that there are geographical differences and relationships between the owners and the fans, but the club is paying as we see it.
‘The problem with deducting points was that we spent too much money at the time.
“It will be a cold hell day before I say Lawrence Bassini has taken a step forward.”
In 2013, the Football League banned Bassini from serving as club director for three years after he was accused of “unfair treatment of the league and its other directors” and a “secret and fraudulent act.”
Maguire added: “It’s the kindest way to describe him as a ‘controversial character’ who makes very strange statements but can’t prove it with hard money.
“His behavior at Watford was a cause for concern and as a result he was banned.
“He likes football-owned theaters and there are usually owners who need to get him – I don’t think so in Birmingham, there’s no sign of that.
“Lawrence Bassini is not someone who wants to be 100 miles from my club.”

Bassini believes that Maguire will be able to pass the EFL’s eligibility test if he can provide evidence of funding, despite previous wrongdoing.
He explained: “If you think Peter Reedsdale is on the EFL board because he was suspended for seven and a half years as director of a British company.
“The rules for inspections of owners and directors are as follows: Do you have any unspent criminal penalties? Well, he doesn’t.
“And do you have the resources to continue the club? I would be a little nervous there.
“The EFL’s hands are tied to the rules, and ultimately the rules are decided by the club owners.
“They don’t want to limit the rules too much, because they all think in their minds, ‘Someday I’m going to sell this club.’
“There is an element of self-interest,” he said. The EFL does its best to enforce the rules, but they must follow them carefully.
“Theoretically, he’s in danger of passing the exam, but that doesn’t mean he’s wasting his money. That’s when the problem starts. It’s a terrible thought.”

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