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The AFL exchange period is underway, with three deals concluded on the first day of the free agency.

Check out Friday’s news on our blog below and see how the live chat went.

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Peter Ladhams feels ‘unwanted’, while Essendon has made contact with Luke Dunstan.


Carlton is on the verge of George Hewett’s insurance after being offered to Swans midfielder, who is the only limited free agent on the open market.

The blues submitted their offer just when the first day of the free agency was over.

Sydney is expected to decide not to accept the offer, but has three days to decide whether to do so.

Hewett is expected to sign a four-year contract, worth about $ 450,000 a season, for the swans to get either the end of the second round or the third round of compensation.


Adelaide received third-round compensation for the departure of Free Agent Jake Kelly to Essendon. This choice falls to 43, thanks to the choice given to the Tigers below.

Meanwhile, Richmond will receive compensation at the end of the second round for the departure of free agent Mabior Chol to the Gold Coast. Currently, this choice falls to 38.

The third round, which was expected, would have dropped to 46.

16:00 – The SUNS Official Ground Tigers

Gold Coast’s move to contract Mabior Chol from Richmond has been announced.

His manager, Ralph Carr, leaked his client’s move as the opening step for the free agency, but made it official all afternoon.

As first reported by last month, Chol has agreed to exercise his free agency rights and will move from Tigers to Suns on a four-year contract.

Carr confirmed the switch on social media on Friday morning and posted on Twitter, “Good luck Mabior Chol @GoldCoastSuns @AFL,” with a picture of Chol in the official Suns club t-shirt.

Chol has played 31 games for Richmond since his debut in 2016 and has not been in any of his three league victories, and has played 21 matches in the last two seasons.

The Tigers are also looking for deals with kangaroos involving Callum Coleman-Jones and Robbie Tarrant.


AFL veteran journalist Damian Barrett says the port, Adelaide ruckman Peter Ladhams, feels “undesirable” and the situation is “not as smooth” as the club allows.

Chris Davies, the head of Power Footy, admitted on Thursday that Ladhams is considering leaving the club for senior opportunities, but suggested they make a “significant” deal to catch him because the club still wants him to be there.

“Honestly, he wants more time than Pete.” We are probably saying that Scott Lycett is currently standing before him; that doesn’t mean we don’t think Pete could be a very significant player and he signed with us, ”Davies told AFL Trade Radio.

“Unless there is a satisfactory outcome for both parties, I suggest Peter be in Port Adelaide next year.

“At the same time, we understand that this period is about the players and anything else to discover what they want out of their careers, and Pete is in a hurry to get this place. We believe there is currently a player ahead of us in whom we have great faith.

“I wouldn’t know (which clubs are interested) I entrust this to (list leader) Jason Cripps.

“I’d hesitate to suggest that Pete not be in our foot club next year, I think something significant will be needed to consider not being on our team next year.”

But in response to these quotes on Friday afternoon, Barrett suggested things shouldn’t be that simple.

“It’s not as smooth as I said,” he told AFL Trade Radio.

“I think Peter Ladhams feels a little undesirable from Port Adelaide right now, and whatever he was told at the exit meeting, it was of a nature that he quit and thought I should look around, not be as sought after as the contract suggests. “

Geelong and the Western Bulldogs connected with Ladhams, but have not yet taken an interest.

Jake Kelly was the first player to move clubs, while Mabior Chol has moved too.


Essendon spoke to St Kilda midfielder Luke Dunstan, who was removed from the list, as he looks at resilience for 2022 and is causing a potential crack for the Gold Coast young gun, Ben King.

The bombers are believed to be one of the King’s suitors, who expired at the end of 2022, and St. Kilda, who would be happy to pair him with his brother, Max.

“There’s every opportunity in this area,” said Josh Mahoney, Bombers ’boss on the AFL Trade Radio commercial afternoon.

“One option is to look at what’s on our list and we have some young and developing levels that we think might also play a role, so we don’t want to suddenly think we have to go to someone.

“But he also looks at the different options (outside the club) so he never wants to close any options and makes sure he moves flexibly in drafts and deals, no matter what comes in.

  • It’s about keeping an eye on it.

A quiet trading period is expected for the bombers, but they can take a cheap step in the period of the disengaged free agents or the rookie drafton for the former Saints midfielder, Dunstan.

Mahoney confirmed that Essendon list leader Adrian Dodoro spoke to Dunstan, who collected 11 Brownlow votes this year, and said he would be “happy” to join the Bombers team recently.

“It’s a conversation Adrian had with Luke, and it’s an opportunity,” he said.

“During this period, we are sitting here waiting for opportunities. We don’t really go into it with a targeted approach, but we’ll see what’s going to fall out.

“The pay ceiling will be interesting, we are in a very strong position with the pay ceiling, so it gives us a lot of flexibility in terms of player availability.”


The first official move by the free agency is underway, with Crows defender Jake Kelly moving to the Bombers.

The 26-year-old unlimited free agent has signed a three-year contract with Essendon to help strengthen the club’s backing.

It follows after the Crows 110 AFL match, making its debut in 2015.

“We’re excited to welcome Jake Kelly at Essendon Football Club,” said Adrian Dodoro, head of the Bombers list.

“We know Jake brings important experiences and will work very well alongside people like Jordan Ridley, Nick Hind, Jayden Laverde, Mason Redman and Dyson Heppell in our new-look backing line. It fits seamlessly with his ability to play on dangerous small and medium strikers, so we’re so glad Jake decided to come to Essendon.

“In our discussions with Jake, he’s very excited and motivated about the direction of the club, and we can’t wait to see how he can contribute to our emerging playgroup in the years to come.”

Mabior Chol (to the Gold Coast) and George Hewett (to Carlton) are the next steps, which will be officially officialized on Monday.

7:30 – Are they intoxicated to endure another star?

Following the infamous 2020 commercial exodus, Collingwood is embarking on a decisive offseason as it seeks to get Western Bulldogs midfielder Patrick Lipinski and Geelong swingman Nathan Kreuger and his father’s son’s prodigy Nick Daicos amid the “hardships” of the pay cap.

Graham Wright, football chief of magpies, confirmed on Thursday that the club is still working on last year’s pay cap problems.

In a speech to AFL Trade Radio on Friday, AFL legends Kane Cornes and Matthew Lloyd suggested that a club trading with one of its stars could help ease its financial pressure.

“(Jordan) De Goey and (Brodie) Grundy are the two I always come back to. Are they making a strong decision now that they have a lot of money to leave one of them to repair (the club)? Lloyd posed.

“While (the new coach, Craig McRae) has a honeymoon and is at a low point and no one expects too much from them next season.”

That follows Matt Rendell, a former recruiter for magpies, told AFL Trade Radio this week that he thought De Goey and Darcy Moore, whose contracts expired at the end of next season, could attract $ 1 million in offers from rivals and question how they can fit into the books at the top of the Grundy mammoth contract.

The star guard will be signed to nearly $ 1 million by the end of 2027. Cornes believes Grundy is the obvious candidate if Pie decides to move on with someone. However, he stressed that given his lucrative contract, this poses challenges.

“If it were any of them, it would probably be Grundy … inviting another club for that six years would be a real challenge,” Cornes said.

“Again, Collingwood would probably be forced to pay a lot of pieces of this slag when they were already doing this with (Adam) Treloar.

“I wouldn’t like to stand between De Goey and (Darcy) Moore (trading).”


Carlton, Essendon and Gold Coast are among the contestants to embark on the first step in free agency – but if history reveals anything, it will be the Suns.

The AFL exchange period officially begins when the free agency opens at 9 a.m. this morning, and clubs can sign unlimited free agents and submit offers to limited free agents.

In the latter case, the player’s current club is given 72 hours to decide whether to comply with the terms of the contract or to release the player.

Gold Coast has taken the free agency’s first step in the last two seasons, acquiring Rory Atkins on the first day of the 2020 exchange period and making its offer to Brandon Ellis on the first day in 2019.

Stuart Dew’s team could make it a three-course, and Mabior Chol will sign a four-year contract that will arrive from Richmond Friday morning.

On AFL Trade Radio, Seven Mitch Cleary said he thinks three players will find a new home on Friday; Chol (unlimited free agent, Richmond – Gold Coast), Jake Kelly (unlimited free agent, Adelaide – Essendon) and George Hewett (limited free agent, Sydney – Carlton).

At Hewett, the swans will almost certainly choose not to qualify because they believe they have enough midfield depth to leave.

In 2020, six steps were taken on the first day of the free agency, starting with Atkins signing the Gold Coast and then offers to sign Zac Williams, Isaac Smith, Aidan Corr, Joe Daniher and Jeremy Cameron.

In 2019, there was only one move on the first day of free agency – Suns ’offer to Ellis – while Fremantle contractor Reece Conca launched three steps on 2018’s free agency day.

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