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Norwich City’s missing rivals, Burnley and Watford, are scheduled to clash on Tuesday night, but Clarets has applied to postpone the meeting.

Burnley has filed a petition with the Premier League board to postpone a meeting against lost rival Watford.

The sons of Sean Dyche, who are currently at the bottom of the Premier League standings after his victory over Norwich City on Saturday against Everton, will be playing against the Hornets in Turf Moor on Tuesday night.


Burnley were scheduled to play against Leicester City last Saturday, but the match was postponed due to an increase in the number of Covid cases and injuries within the Clarets team.

Clarets has now confirmed that they have asked for a resignation of the Tuesday night clash against Watford under the same circumstances.

The club’s statement reads: “Burnley Football Club can confirm that it has applied to the Premier League to postpone the match at Watford’s home on Tuesday night.

“The decision to file the application was reluctant because there were a large number of injuries and Covid-19 cases within the team.

“The Premier League board will meet today to review the application and notify both clubs of its decision.”

If the Premier League board approves the request, it could have an impact on the Norwich City and Hornets clash this week.

The Canaries will travel to Vicarage Road on Friday night when they face Claudio Ranieri, who is just one point ahead of the leaderboard, with a six-point relegation.

With Norwich winning this season for the first time out of the knockout zone, Watford will not win against Burnley if the match progresses.

Tuesday night’s meeting was seen as an advantage for Norwich as Watford had just two full days to recover from Friday night’s meeting against the Canary Islands.

The postponement also means that Burnley’s matches against the losing rival continue to pile up: Clarets have had five matches postponed so far this season and four matches left against Norwich City, leaving them just two points apart. table.

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