Free agent pitcher Justin Verlander looks good on the comeback trail

Guess who’s hitting the free agent market?Image: Getty Images The 2022 MLB offseason is filled with outstanding free agents. With studs like Kevin Gausman, Freddie Freeman, Max Scherzer, Marcus Semien, […]

Yankees’ Joey Gallo is becoming the most quintessential three-true-outcomes guy in MLB history

(From l.) Joey Gallo experiences each true outcome.Illustration: AP Nothing against him, but New York Yankees outfielder Joey Gallo is irrelevant in Major League Baseball right this second. His team […]

Carlos Correa and Astros win ALCS Game 1

Hey, he looks like Hansel Robles when he does that!Image: AP He pointed. Obviously, he pointed. This year’s baseball playoffs are straight from the darkest timeline, with the NLCS pitting […]

The New York Yankees got their 50th win last night, and are on a pace similar to the ‘01 Mariners

The Yankees are on a roll. A big one.Image: Getty Images The evil empire has returned in a major way. The New York Yankees became a championship contender following the […]

Tony La Russa got the Matt Nagy treatment on Saturday, but at least he’ll only hear it at his home ballpark

Tony La RussaPhoto: Getty Images Fortunately, for Tony La Russa, the chants for his firing won’t follow him everywhere around Chicago. Even if the Chicago Bulls were playing in the […]

The Dodgers and Giants meet for the first time in the postseason

Fancy meeting you here.Image: Getty Images Tonight will be the first time in MLB history we see the Dodgers and Giants compete in the postseason. For such a storied rivalry, […]

Pickleball set to dominate American sports

Pickleball is the latest sensation to hit the sports scene.Image: Getty Images It’s not often that we get the chance to live through the invention and ascension of a sport […]

Boston Red Sox have just 12.6 percent chance of making postseason

Rejoice, world, for the Red Sox are badPhoto: Getty Images The Red Sox won 92 games last season and went to the ALCS. They had a fair amount of turnover […]

What were the MLB standings every month of the season?

Image: Getty Images Baseball season is six months long, and reaching its dramatic conclusion this weekend, with the American League wild cards and the winner of the National League West […]