NBA stars still fall for the Skip Bayless trap

Skip BaylessPhoto: Getty Images There isn’t much that surprises me in the sports world today. We’ve seen some of everything, good, bad, and ugly. One thing I continue to ponder […]

How Skip Bayless spends his summer vacation

Skip it.Image: Getty Images From one of the first tweets on Skip Bayless’ profile it would appear that he is enjoying his vacation. FoxSports1’s Undisputed is off this week and […]

Jordan Brand’s Larry Miller opens up on murder he committed as teen

Jordan Brand’s Larry Miller in 2018.Image: Getty Images Temple graduate, MBA from LaSalle, 10 years with Nike, former president of the Portland Trail Blazers, and boasting a CAA Speakers profile, […]

Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson wants another NFL team alongside Cowboys

Dallas Mayor Eric JohnsonPhoto: CBSDFW Apparently, Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson is ready for a battle with one Jerry Jones. In response to a Tweet posted by the NFL on CBS, […]

Why are the Lions on Monday Night Football, NFL?

We’re confused, too, coach.Image: Getty Images After an instant classic in Week 1 on Monday Night Football, the Week 2 matchup of Green Bay and Detroit is sure to be […]

The super-paid NFL TV analysts all have one thing in common: None Are Black

The TV faces of football: Troy Aikman, Tony Romo and Drew Brees.Image: Getty Images The only thing more ridiculous than the money TV networks are throwing at guys to be […]

Draymond Green to join ‘Inside the NBA’ on TNT while still an active player

You know Draymond will have plenty to say.Image: Getty Images Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green really tapped into something a couple of years ago during his war of words […]

A ridiculous number of people got to play in the NFL this year

Pooka Williams had his moment in the sun.Illustration: Getty Images Tuf Borland, Mac McCain, Luther Kirk, Paul Quessenberry, and Pooka Williams all joined an elite group this year. Not many […]

Multiple NFL games postponed due to COVID outbreaks

Baker Mayfield and the Raiders will play on Monday as the NFL is trying to outrace COVID.Image: AP The NFL, despite all its ongoing problems with CTE, horrible additions to […]