Howie Roseman’s Eagles draft performance sets standard for NFL GMs

The bully on the block in the NFL is Howie Roseman. Other NFL general managers need to hide under their desks when he calls, because he is coming for their […]

Before the Super Bowl, watch these football movies

Image: Getty Images Another movie that could be considered over the top, but those who believe that are sadly mistaken. This is a work of art by Oliver Stone. Sure […]

College Football’s transfer window should not overlap with bowl season

Who’s Pyne-ing for Drew?Image: Getty Images Unlike most people, I enjoy bowl season. Despite how irrelevant it is to the final outcome of the season, eclectic matchups are the best […]

College Football Playoff bid on the line for USC

Trojans coming at you!Image: Getty Images It’s the penultimate week of college football’s regular season, and I’ll give you four guesses as to which conference has the most ranked teams. […]

ESPN’s Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon tried to teach us a lesson four years ago

Tony Kornheiser (left) and Mike WilbonScreenshot: ESPN One of the most important lessons I was ever taught by my parents was this sentence that I heard over and over again […]

Nike suspends relationship with Kyrie Irving, won’t drop new shoe

Nike has severed ties with Kyrie IrvingImage: Getty Images As tired as you are of reading about Kyrie Irving, sports writers are equally as exhausted trying to come up with […]