Lamar Jackson sweepstakes: Why is nobody interested?

One week into the NFL’s free agent signing period, the Baltimore Ravens have received zero offers for Lamar Jackson. The Ravens slapped the non-exclusive franchise tag on the former league […]

Laremy Tunsil scores $50M guaranteed contract as own agent

Lamar Jackson is not the only professional athlete with no agent. Last season there were 17 NFL players who represented themselves. The list includes Bobby Wagner, DeAndre Hopkins, and the […]

Aaron Rodgers’ worst idea yet: Playing for the Jets

Forget the vaccine skepticism. Forget the 9/11 truther nonsense. Forget the darkness retreats. This time he’s truly lost his mind. “It is my intention to play for the Jets,” Aaron […]

Jerry Jones will penny-pinch his way through free agency again

America’s Team is worth more money than any other team in the NFL. In fact, the Dallas Cowboys are the most valuable team in the world, according to Forbes. Whether […]

Los Angeles Chargers inexplicably let Austin Ekeler seek a trade

I’m firmly in the corner of you should never pay a running back for all the cliche arguments that go along with it. But there are exceptions to every rule, […]