Los Angeles Lakers should trade for Brooklyn Net Kyrie Irving

Kyrie Irving (r.)Photo: Getty Images LOS ANGELES — After completing one of the worst trades in franchise history just last year, the Lakers have a chance to make things right […]

Lakers owner Jeannie Buss causes stir on social media

Jeanie BussPhoto: Getty Images Jeanie Buss came out of nowhere with a tweet that left social media buzzing over the weekend. She isn’t very active on the platform, tweeting at […]

Kevin Durant asks Brooklyn Nets to trade him

Where’s KD’s next stop?Image: Getty Images Just when you thought the 2022 free agency period was going to be an Ambien pill, the Brooklyn Nets soap opera returned to inject […]

There are only a small number of NBA superstars

Steph Curry? Superstar.Image: Getty Images Some words in the English lexicon get tossed around like loose change on a rollercoaster. Professional sports take it to another level when players, coaches, […]

The death of the NBA superteam (for now)

The Warriors, built over time.Image: Getty Images The Boston Celtics and Golden State Warriors Finals was one of the more engaging championship fights of recent memory. The Celtics were on […]