Previewing the 2022-23 free-agent class: First basemen

As the offseason approaches, MLBTR is taking a position-by-position look at the upcoming free agent class. Today, we’ll focus on first base, a group with a few well-regarded veterans coming […]

Forecasting the 2022-23 qualifying offers: Position players

The qualifying offer has impacted the free-agent market for the last 10 offseasons, but it wasn’t clear if there would be an 11th as Major League Baseball and the MLB […]

The most exhausted pro athletes are…

Photo: Getty Images The funny thing about sportswriters complaining about how a professional season is too long is if you ask a person if they’re overworked, how many are going […]

Red Sox defeat Yankees, yet again, in AL Wild Card Game

[Sad trombone]Illustration: Getty Images I suppose one of the things that makes me feel old, one of the many things, is how I would perceive the Yankees-Red Sox rivalry versus […]

Who’s for real and who will crash and burn?

The Yankees are currently on fire, and it will take a summer-long battle to knock them out of first.Image: Getty Images Saying “it’s only April” is out, because it’s been […]

Toronto Blue Jays aren’t getting a competitive advantage due to vaccine mandate

The Blue Jays are lucky to have vaccinated players like Bo Bichette (left) and George Springer.Image: Getty Images Brandon Nimmo wants everyone to know that he’s “thankful” for New York mayor […]

The Yankees are now content with just being competitive

Aaron BoonePhoto: Getty Images It’s not just that the Yankees haven’t won a World Series since 2009, although it can’t be repeated enough that the Yankees haven’t won a World […]