Oakland Athletics purchase 49 acres of land in Las Vegas

One city’s trash is Las Vegas’ treasure. The Oakland Coliseum has been a steaming pile of a ballpark for decades. After numerous skirmishes with the city over Byzantine budgets, funding, […]

Los Angeles Dodgers P Clayton Kershaw gets win No. 200 vs. Mets

We already know Clayton Kershaw is headed to Cooperstown, but the Los Angeles Dodgers star pitcher just hit a nice milestone en route. The best ERA+ belongs to who? | […]

Tampa Bay Rays ride easy schedule to 9-0 start

You can only play who is on the schedule. That’s an axiom as old as baseball, and it’s mostly true. The Tampa Bay Rays got to start their season with […]

UConn is the top men’s basketball program of the last 25 years

Of course there have been both more highly anticipated and better-played NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship games than the one that took place on Monday night. It didn’t take long to […]

Amateur sports at higher ed. U.S. institutions are dead

On Wednesday, the performative set of elected officials who gather in Washington D.C. to raise money and occasionally draft legislation held a meeting to discuss the future of Name, Image […]

2023 Women’s NCAA Tournament overshadowing the men

It’s only been a few short weeks since Outkick’s David Hookstead blamed some non-existent woke-ism manifesto for the placement of women’s college basketball dominating ESPN.com’s front page. A few weeks […]

Deadspin presents The Great Debates tournament: Sweet 16

It’s Sweet 16 time. The primaries are over and it is time for the general election. In real-life debates, this is about the time when candidates would be making disingenuous […]

Howard University makes second-ever NCAA Tournament

Colorado, you can have Deion Sanders. I hope he enjoys Boulder which he claims has “no crime,” and I hope the university enjoys him until he moves on to a […]