Josh Gibson and all the summers that should have been

The following is adapted from the podcast script for Stick to Pods Episode 11, “Josh Gibson,” which originally aired on April 12, 2018 Dodgers World Series guarantee was trash! | […]

Ranking the best argument topics of all time

Photo: AP Jackie Robinson is one of the most revered people to ever walk the earth. The MLB retired his number as a league. He was outstanding in four sports […]

Aaron Judge was right to remain a Yankee for life

Like Derek Jeter, Aaron Judge will be a Yankee for life.Image: Getty Images In the end, it came down to being either Derek Jeter or Robinson Cano. Aaron Judge correctly […]

Should MLB do away with AL awards and NL awards?

Illustration: Getty Images It may be time to finally eliminate the charades known as the American and National League. Just tell it to the Judge — Aaron Judge. The Yankee […]