Roger Goodell’s testimony before Congress was embarrassing [Updated]

Roger Goodell Zooms into Capitol Hill.Photo: AP Ah, if there’s anything that will make you feel the slightest semblance of sympathy for Roger Goodell in this situation, it’s watching him […]

NFL owners reportedly trying to oust Washington’s Dan Snyder

Disgustingly Wealthy Bag of Sentient Garbage (l.)Photo: Getty Images They’re talking about it. I guess that’s the best we can expect from the apex predator capitalist group known as the […]

Congress details Commanders’ alleged malfeasance to FTC

Allegations have emerged that Dan Snyder was pocketing money that wasn’t his.Image: Getty Images Harassing female employees may not have been enough to get him fired, but Congress’ latest findings […]

Washington owner Dan Snyder allegedly tried to silence a witness

Dan Snyder, human red flag Photo: Getty Images According to a new report from the Washington Post, Washington Football Team owner Daniel Snyder attempted to silence a witness who had […]