Eli Manning thinks New York Giants should re-sign Daniel Jones

Daniel Jones (l.) and Eli Manning (r.)Image: AP There’s a clear ceiling on Daniel Jones as an NFL quarterback, and even though he hasn’t bumped his head against it quite […]

Cincinnati Bengals’ success due to players or Zac Taylor?

Zac TaylorImage: AP Determining an NFL head coach’s value is difficult as hell. Sometimes it’s easy, like with the Jacksonville Jaguars and Urban Meyer, or the New York Giants and […]

Daniel Jones is not the Giants’ quarterback of the future

BIG OOFPhoto: Getty Images Daniel Jones’ sputtering whip finally broke down Saturday. The red light has been on all season, but for 19 games, Brian Daboll’s offensive alchemy kept the […]

Anything but Dallas Cowboys-Philadelphia Eagles NFC title game

Please let these teams lose Image: Getty Images It’s odd how many NFL teams I hate despite not technically having an NFL team I root for. And I don’t feel […]

Kyle Shanahan Nick Sirianni Coach of the Year over Brian Daboll

Brian DabollImage: Getty Images The biggest lies in human history are as follows: 1) “Just tell me the truth. I won’t be mad.” 2) “Here’s a giant, wooden horse to […]

NFL teams need a strong coach-QB relationship to succeed

Brian Daboll and Daniel JonesImage: Getty Images For all of the teams vying for one of the top three quarterbacks in the 2023 NFL Draft — or pretty much any […]

Chicago Bears should replace Matt Eberflus with Sean Payton

Matt EberflusImage: Getty Images The Chicago Bears have an opportunity to make the king of all shrewd football decisions this offseason, and I’m not talking about replacing Justin Fields. No, […]

Nick Sirianni and Nick Bosa will win league-wide honors in 2022

The Bosa Constrictor!Image: Getty Images Christmas Eve saw most of the NFL’s slate played on Saturday and it was freezing at most stadiums. Recovering from frostbite while opening presents as […]

It’s Patrick Mahomes and Jalen Hurts for NFL MVP

Illustration: Getty Images The MVP discussion has been whittled down to an A and B conversation between Patrick Mahomes and Jalen Hurts. Joe Burrow is eavesdropping, but in the final […]