Roger Goodell’s testimony before Congress was embarrassing [Updated]

Roger Goodell Zooms into Capitol Hill.Photo: AP Ah, if there’s anything that will make you feel the slightest semblance of sympathy for Roger Goodell in this situation, it’s watching him […]

Jon Gruden must face actual discipline for racist comments

Jon Gruden would be facing actual consequences if the NFL or Mark Davis’ Raiders cared enough to act on their supposed commitment to inclusion. Photo: Getty Images Another day, another bigot […]

Commanders owner Dan Snyder allegedly hid money from other teams

Ugh.Image: Getty Images The three things likely to survive a nuclear holocaust? Keith Richards, cockroaches and Dan Snyder, though at this point it would be impossible to distinguish between the last […]

Washington Commanders owner Dan Snyder launches investigation into himself

Dan Snyder should not be allowed to own a team in the NFL or anywhere else.Image: Getty Images Under Dan Snyder’s stewardship, the Washed Football Team has become a tired, […]

Jon Gruden, the face of a rotten NFL

Illustration: Getty Images Welcome to Deadspin’s IDIOT OF THE YEAR festivities! Nos. 50 through 11 are available for your enjoyment here. And our top 10: 10. Thom Brennaman 9. Ted […]

Washington owner Dan Snyder allegedly tried to silence a witness

Dan Snyder, human red flag Photo: Getty Images According to a new report from the Washington Post, Washington Football Team owner Daniel Snyder attempted to silence a witness who had […]