Fans in Atlanta have to wait another day to see Janet Jackson

The Atlanta Hawks Game 5 escapade in Boston has forced the delay of a Janet Jackson concert that was supposed to take place at State Farm Arena on Thursday night. […]

We regret to inform you that Phil Jackson kinda sucks

They save “never meet your heroes,” and while Phil Jackson was never a personal hero of mine, many did look up to Jackson, especially here in Chicago, where he led […]

Dallas Mavericks fined $750K for throwing elimination game

The Dallas Mavericks went from the Western Conference Finals to being fined for punting on the postseason in less than a year. As a result of a decision to sit […]

Chris Ayres has willed Princeton wrestling back to the conversation

“I was born delusional,” said Chris Ayres, Princeton’s head wrestling coach, earlier this year. “But I think — I really do — that delusion is a good thing.” He just […]

Mark Cuban is not who we thought he was going to be

This past week has been the dried-out cherry on top of an expired whipped cream sundae of a 2022-23 season for the Dallas Mavericks. They entered it one game out […]

Did Trump hijack John Carlos and Tommie Smith’s raised fist?

Donald Trump seen raising his fist while leaving Trump TowerPhoto: BauerGriffin/MediaPunch/IPX (AP) In 1968, John Carlos and Tommie Smith risked it all at the Summer Olympic Games in Mexico City […]

Donald Trump arraignment just another Tuesday in New York

Former President Donald Trump surrendered to New York authorities ahead of his arraignment Tuesday on charges related to alleged hush money payments made to Stormy Daniels. Obviously, it’s a fairly […]

Will Dan Snyder, Donald Trump face consequences?

Waiting for Daniel Snyder to sell the Washington Commanders, which he’s turned into a failed state among legacy NFL franchises, is akin to anticipating those “imminent” charges against Donald Trump. […]

Jeff Bezos, Trump, and people 45+ who had things handed to them

If you currently play football for Colorado, you had better use a strong black marker to write your name on the tape on your helmet. The way that Deion Sanders […]