Mets fans are going to need some really strong anti-depressants to keep up the optimism

This seems…suboptimal.Image: Getty Images Pete Alonso’s two-run walkoff homer in the 10th inning Thursday improved the New York Mets’ record to 26-14, which is good for the second-most wins in […]

Can the Mets still compete with deGrom sidelined?

Jacob deGrom’s injury puts the Mets at a disadvantage early in the season.Image: Getty Images Jacob deGrom is the best pitcher in baseball when healthy. That’s indisputable at this point. […]

What does Max Scherzer’s Mets deal mean for MLB?

Max Scherzer is headed to Flushing.Photo: Getty Images No, I’m not asking, “Does it mean anything for the Mets?” Because as we all know, everything is meaningless to the Mets. […]