MLB pitchers lodge complaints about slick baseballs

Michael LorenzenPhoto: Getty Images Today is the one-year anniversary of MLB’s ban on sticky substances. In that time, we’ve seen a massive decrease in spin rate, a few suspensions, plus […]

Mets are one of the best teams in baseball, all without Jacob deGrom and Max Scherzer

Pete Alonso and Francisco Lindor are two of the reasons the Mets’ offense has been carrying the team.Image: Getty Images The New York Mets have the 10th-best team OPS in […]

The AL & NL Cy Young favorites through the first quarter of the 2022 MLB season

The early season has been defined by great pitching, and some pitchers have already separated themselves from the pack. Here’s a look at the Cy Young favorites after the 1st […]

The MLB has reached critical stupidity with these new baseballs

The balls are bad again.Image: Getty Images Remember when the NBA tried new basketballs, and the response was so overwhelmingly negative that the league switched back to the old balls […]

The most intriguing player from every MLB team in 2022

With an extra playoff team set to join the field in each league, fans everywhere are finding it easy to talk themselves into believing their team has a chance. The […]

Can the Mets still compete with deGrom sidelined?

Jacob deGrom’s injury puts the Mets at a disadvantage early in the season.Image: Getty Images Jacob deGrom is the best pitcher in baseball when healthy. That’s indisputable at this point. […]

The Phillies outfield will likely be very bad in 2022

Joe Girardi and the Phillies stand for the anthem at Spring Training.Photo: Getty Images When in the NL East, and having designs on competing to win it, the natural conclusion […]

Oakland A’s trade Olson to Atlanta Braves, Reds deal Winkler, Suarez

Matt Olson is now with the Braves.Image: Getty Images You know, just for a second there, I thought baseball might give everyone a little time to enjoy the lockout being […]