Kings’ Buddy Hield is now NBA shooting royalty

Buddy HieldPhoto: Getty Images Move over, Splash Bros — you’ve got competition in Northern California in the three-point shooting department. Buddy Hield has hit 1,209 buckets from downtown in his […]

Neil Olshey is the latest problematic NBA exec and scandal could be a break for Portland fans

Neil Oshey is reportedly under investigation for creating a toxic workplace.Illustration: Getty Images Christmas might have come early for Portland Trail Blazer fans, as team president Neil Olshey is being […]

I feel you AI, but let’s keep it 100, Philly fans can be something else to deal with

Allen Iverson, the patron saint of modern Philadelphia basketball, has some thoughts on the Ben Simmons situation.Photo: Getty Images Philly’s favorite son, Allen Iverson, has been keeping a close eye […]

Damian Lillard extension, Baker Mayfield parting shots

According to reports, Damian Lillard is about to get even richerPhoto: Getty Images It appears the Dame Time will forever be in the pinwheel as sources told Andscape’s Marc J. […]

Portland Trail Blazers owner Jody Allen accused of fostering toxic workplace

From Shaedon Sharpe’s injury to allegations of owner Jody Allen’s “toxic” work environment, it’s been a bad week for the Blazers.Image: Getty Images Thursday was supposed to be Shaedon Sharpe […]

Best destinations for Deandre Ayton if he exits Phoenix

Photo: Getty Images Teaming Ayton with Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving would help solve one of their biggest issues last season: size. A potential sign-and-trade between the Nets and Suns […]

There are only a small number of NBA superstars

Steph Curry? Superstar.Image: Getty Images Some words in the English lexicon get tossed around like loose change on a rollercoaster. Professional sports take it to another level when players, coaches, […]

Could Kevin Durant wind up in Portland?

Kevin DurantPhoto: Getty Images Kevin Durant is under contract for one more year with the Brooklyn Nets, but based on the bevy of reports and leaks on the extremely fluid […]