Bulls are currently thriving with Alex Caruso

“Miss me?”Image: Getty Images The 2019-20 NBA Champion Los Angeles Lakers were a much deeper team than just two stars, LeBron James and Anthony Davis. Danny Green, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, Rajon […]

Ranking where Jimmy Butler lands on the Dwight Howard ‘teams only tolerate me because I’m great’ scale

Jimmy Butler is great but would teams tolerate him if he wasn’t?Image: Getty Images Everyone has had that coworker who kind of sucks but is really good at his job […]

LeBron James says Lakers’s Big 3 now known as ‘360’

LeBron is back hamming it up on media day.Image: Getty Images Now that NBA media day is officially in the books, it’s time for training camps, which means the 2021-22 […]

Lakes eliminated from playoffs, time to blow the team up

Rebuild TimePhoto: Getty Images A season that started out with so much hope in Los Angeles came to an end Tuesday night against the Lakers’ I-10 rivals, the Phoenix Suns, […]

The Lakers should trade Anthony Davis

Anthony DavisPhoto: Getty Images The Lakers have been on the struggle bus all season long. Now the idea of the team trading Anthony Davis has been broached, and it might […]

What will make James Harden happy?

James HardenPhoto: Getty Images James Harden has just strong-armed his way out of his second team in two years. What’s weird is that he was in two completely different situations. […]

Brooklyn trades James Harden to Philly for Ben Simmons

And just like that, James Harden and Ben Simmons swap teams.Image: Getty Images Wow. So, the trade that felt like it would never happen finally went down. The Brooklyn Nets […]