Florida A&M football fiasco reminds us college sports are professional sports

Head Coach Willie Simmons of the Florida A&M RattlersPhoto: AP NIL is sensible. It was ridiculous that “amateur” athletes were not allowed to accept anything of financial value for their […]

Fans send death threats to high school receiver Demitrius Bell

UghScreenshot: Twitter: @db1_1o We learned a lot in 2020, most of it sad and depressing. In the moments when we weren’t terrified, mourning, angry, or all of the above, some […]

Pump the brakes on the Arch Manning hype

How much of this is the name?Image: AP Everything is bigger in Texas, including the hype. Arch Manning’s Texas commitment has the Longhorns dreaming of national championship glory again. By […]

Long-term benefits are clear, and we have the 1972 legislation to thank for it

US First Lady Jill Biden (R) and high school track athlete Maya Mosley (L) listen to tennis legend Billie Jean King speak during an event to mark the 50th anniversary […]

Notre Dame adds ‘daughters’ to iconic fight song

The iconic Notre Dame Victory March song finally officially says “daughters”Image: Getty Images It’s official — 50 years after Notre Dame welcomed the first cadre of female undergraduate students to […]

Mark Emmert retires as president of the NCAA

Mark Emmert is stepping down as head of the NCAA.Image: Getty Images Mark Emmert announced his resignation yesterday, stepping down as president of the NCAA, a position he’d held since […]

Bronny James, LeBron’s son, signs deal with PSD underwear

Bronny James will be making bank before he ever gets to college.Image: Getty Images Think what you want about Bronny James’ NBA prospects, one thing that isn’t a question is […]