Madden ‘23 cover player anticipation builds

Can Josh Allen become the first Buffalo Bill to grace the cover of Madden?Illustration: Deadspin You might be surprised to learn how many teams have never had a player appear […]

FIFA splits with EA Sports over money, to make rival soccer video game

EA’s beloved FIFA franchise is no more.Photo: Getty Images Like people who are addicted to Coca-Cola products, gamers can spot a knockoff within the first three seconds of tasting one. […]

John Madden’s legacy is something different to multiple generations of fans

What John Madden means to you probably depends on when you were born.Image: AP The phrase “once in a generation” seems to be tossed too often, far more often than […]

Madden NFL paved the path for other video game sports franchises

Where would the world of sports e-gaming be without the Madden franchise?Image: Getty Images When you think of video games and sports, you think of John Madden. (Thank god this […]

NFL legend John Madden dead at 85

John Madden retired from coaching at age 42 and had a 30-year career as a broadcaster.Image: Getty Images Famed Raiders’ coach and NFL analyst John Madden died unexpectedly Tuesday morning […]