A primer on which athletes could fight in the next Creed movie

Jonathan Majors poses for photographers upon arrival for the premiere of the film “Creed III” in LondonPhoto: Vianney Le Caer/Invision (AP) The Creed and Rocky franchises have not only felt […]

It’s still all about Kyrie Irving

IT’S ALL ABOUT MEEEEEEPhoto: AP The player-empowerment era has created more avenues for athletes to flex their own team-building ability, but Kyrie Irving’s Saturday media availability during All-Star Weekend touched […]

Before the Super Bowl, watch these football movies

Image: Getty Images Another movie that could be considered over the top, but those who believe that are sadly mistaken. This is a work of art by Oliver Stone. Sure […]

Pat Beverley ruins Christmas for his kids

Grinch.Image: Getty Images Someone’s getting coal in their stocking, because Los Angeles Lakers’ guard Patrick Beverley is turning into a real-life Grinch. Earlier this week on the Pat Bev Podcast […]

Morocco defeats Spain, Protugal routs Switzerland

Morocco celebrates after win over Spain.Image: Getty Images Oh we got narratives! New ones! Old ones! Tired ones! Exciting ones! If you can find better narratives than here…fuck it! Game […]

Herschel Walker is a threat to society

Photo: Getty Images Somewhere between the evening of Tuesday, Dec. 6, and the early hours of Wednesday, Dec. 7, we will know the results of another crucial election in Georgia […]