Caroline McCaskey plays national anthem on a saw before Oakland A’s game

Screenshot: NBC Sports California Playing or singing the national anthem at a professional sporting event is an honor to several musicians. Not only is it an opportunity to showcase their […]

Arizona Cardinals are going to implode on HBO in real time

Image: Getty Images HBO’s “Hard Knocks,” covering the preseason and training camps, can step aside as HBO’s premier network docuseries. “Hard Knocks In Season” is where the true drama lies. […]

Winning Time Episode 9 recap: “Acceptable Loss”

John C. Reilly and Sally Field in Ep. 9 of Winning Time. Image: HBO  Jerry West is out for blood. The real Jerry West, that is, not the Jason Clarke […]

Winning Time Episode 8 recap: “California Dreaming”

Quincy Isaiah as Magic Johnson in ‘Winning Time.”Image: HBO Since the poems, short stories, and writings of Henry Dumas, a specter has risen out of the outer fringes of American […]

Seattle Kraken DJ clowns Will Smith during a hockey fight

Jamie Oleksiak dukes it out with Keegan Kolesar while the DJ plays “Fresh Prince of Bel Air.”Image: Getty Images The in-stadium experience is what makes going to sporting events fun. […]

LeBron James’ entire year has been a Razzie

Be honest: LeBron’s Space Jam was sorely lacking in…good things.Image: Getty Images On Oscar weekend, Space Jam: A New Legacy is being honored with a surprising distinction that has LeBron […]