Fox should’ve waited before it gave Tom Brady $375 million

Fox’s No. 1 announce crew Kevin Burkhardt (l.) and Greg OlsenImage: AP Remember the scene in Ocean’s 11 where Brad Pitt gives Matt Damon advice before he goes undercover as […]

ESPN’s Max Kellerman was right about Tom Brady

Well, this is awkward.Image: AP In the Summer of 2016, Max Kellerman predicted that Tom Brady’s skill would fall off a cliff. “Tom Brady’s just about done. It could be […]

Time for NFL QBs Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers to get lost

Image: AP The NFL is going through one of its greatest quarterback renaissances in league history. It’s never been clearer, you can’t win a Super Bowl without an elite quarterback. […]

Derek Carr wasn’t that ‘mothaf*cker’ and now he’s not the Raiders’ starting quarterback

Derek CarrPhoto: Getty Images Getting suplexed by the lowly Steelers and Kenny Pickett on Sunday Night Football finally broke the spell Derek Carr has on the Raiders. On Wednesday, Raiders […]

The Brittney Griner-Viktor Bout deal is being unfairly criticized [See the exchange]

President Biden, Cherelle Griner (Wife of Brittney), Vice President Kamala Harris and Secretary of State Antony Blinken on a call with the formerly incarcerated WNBA star.Image: Getty Images The end […]

Seattle Seahawks vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Germany

Germany will host a different type of footballImage: Getty Images When tickets for the NFL’s first game in Germany went on sale in July, the worst seats in the entirety […]