Kings’ Buddy Hield is now NBA shooting royalty

Buddy HieldPhoto: Getty Images Move over, Splash Bros — you’ve got competition in Northern California in the three-point shooting department. Buddy Hield has hit 1,209 buckets from downtown in his […]

CBS hires Ray Hudson to call soccer

Ray HudsonImage: Getty Images CBS has mostly been a gift to soccer fans. Unlike Turner when it bought the Champions League rights, forgot about it until the day before the […]

Packers should win NFC North again, but watch out for Bears

Green Bay has won the last three NFC North division titles after the Bears won in 2018Photo: Getty Images The Green Bay Packers have won this division each of the […]

Donald Trump does the Braves’ ‘chop’ at World Series

Please go home, you dickheadPhoto: Getty Images We’re not going to say that Atlanta is continuing the chop just to cater to racists. But the racists sure seem to like […]

Charlotte Flair creating drama for WWE

      What’s her angle?   Image: Getty Images     Backstage drama in professional wrestling is part of the charm, given that it usually finds its way into […]

Jaden Ivey says playing for the Kings ‘wouldn’t be the worst option’

Guess who isn’t completely opposed to playing for the Kings?Illustration: Getty Images On the list of things NBA players don’t want to do, playing in Sacramento has to be close […]

Vince McMahon’s TV appearances and lazy booking exemplify all that’s wrong with WWE

Oh, look who it is.Screenshot: USA Of course, “wrong” is a relative term. In any sense that WWE cares about, or its most dedicated fans care about, WWE is as […]

Jabari Smith, Chet Holmgren, and Paolo Banchero… where will they go?

Image: Getty Images Last year’s draft is already looking like an all-time great. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t gems to be had in the 2022 NBA Draft. Analysts have […]