NHL must make the Edmonton Oilers wear their ‘80s jerseys for the second round

Come on, you know you want to see it.Image: Getty Images Much like the Canadiens-Leafs series last year, this is why the NHL rejiggered its playoff system nearly a decade […]

The Maple Leafs’ ‘All or Nothing’ docuseries is the last thing we need

These towel-twirling Leafs fans will probably be watching.Photo: Getty Images The whole behind-the-scenes docuseries has been a bit played out. Hard Knocks started it, and it came to hockey almost […]

Chicago Blackhawks, equal parts heinous and incompetent, are our No. 4 IDIOT OF THE YEAR

Illustration: Getty Images Welcome to Deadspin’s IDIOT OF THE YEAR festivities! Nos. 50 through 11 are available for your enjoyment here. And our top 10 thus far: 10. Thom Brennaman […]

NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman doesn’t get why we’re still talking about the Blackhawks

Gary Bettman isn’t interested in helping hockey. He’s interested in helping his bosses make as much money as possible.Photo: Getty Images Maybe it’s only people of older generations, of which […]