Marvin Bagley III refuses to check into Sacramento Kings game

Is Marvin Bagley a bust?Image: Getty Images It’s time for Sacramento to bag Marvin Bagley III, if the latest report about him refusing to check into Sunday’s game against Phoenix […]

John Stockton flexes what little credibility he has left to support a Jan. 6 rioter

GO AWAY, YOU DICKPhoto: AP John Stockton is the reason why people delete their Facebook accounts. Every white person’s most obnoxious uncle by marriage is at it again, firing off […]

What happens to the homeless when a Super Bowl comes to town?

LOS ANGELES — If you saw Eugene at a Chevron station or a 7-Eleven in Los Angeles, at first glance you might not notice anything out of the ordinary. He […]

Hall of Famer John Stockton has season tickets revoked by alma mater Gonzaga

John Stockton, exceptional point guard and fringe nutjobPhoto: Getty Images Internet brain rot has claimed another public figure. John Stockton is so firm in his anti-vax and anti-mask stance that […]