Kanye West, Antonio Brown’s antics should be end of Donda Sports

When will he ever shut his damn mouth?Screenshot: InfoWars If you stand with clowns don’t get mad when you wind up in a circus. To borrow an old lyric from […]

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and that North Little Rock School photo

What is this, if not racism?Image: AP According to the policy, Jerry Jones hasn’t done anything wrong. That’s because anti-Blackness is never a crime. A recent report from The Washington […]

No active NBA athletes condemning Kyrie Irving, antisemitism

Is Kyrie truly sorry, or sorry that he got suspended?Image: Getty Images It was one of the rare beautiful things about 2020. It’s a shame it took an event as […]

Kanye West, Herschel Walker, Antonio Brown

2. Antonio Brown Illustration: Getty Images Antonio Brown went full Deshaun Watson at a hotel pool in the United Arab Emirates this past May, but news of his inappropriate shenanigans […]

Sports world should fight back against antisemitism

Kanye WestPhoto: Getty Images Kanye West is an antisemite. And that’s not a controversial statement. Blurting out disgusting and derogatory things about Judaism and Jewish people is a repeated pattern […]