Who’s for real and who will crash and burn?

The Yankees are currently on fire, and it will take a summer-long battle to knock them out of first.Image: Getty Images Saying “it’s only April” is out, because it’s been […]

Cam Newton, Jerry West, Adam Schefter, and more

3. New York Yankees fans Image: AP Cheering at injuries and pegging beer cans and ice cream cones at opposing players? That’s what Yankees fans do! Or at least whatever […]

Dabo Swinney and Clemson lost to NC State

Dabo says a lot of words that don’t mean much.Image: Getty Images Clemson is 2-2, and as big of a shock as that is for a program that’s won the […]

Dodger re-sign Andrew Toles so he can continue to have access to needed mental health care

The Dodgers signed Andrew Toles so he will have access to health care.Image: Getty Images On Tuesday the Los Angeles Dodgers re-signed Andrew Toles so that he can have access […]

The Yankees are now content with just being competitive

Aaron BoonePhoto: Getty Images It’s not just that the Yankees haven’t won a World Series since 2009, although it can’t be repeated enough that the Yankees haven’t won a World […]

New CBA officially introduces universal DH

Thursday’s collective bargaining agreement officially introduced the designated hitter to the National League, tweets Mark Feinsand of MLB.com. That’s certainly not a surprise, as the universal DH had been one […]

Baltimore Orioles decide to move fences back at Camden Yards

Illustration: Shutterstock Camden Yards is an iconic ballpark. So iconic in fact that since its inception in 1992, barely any changes have been made to it. Well, something not so […]