The good, the bad, and the unknown in athlete investments

Illustration: Getty/Shutterstock (Getty Images) Whenever I hear about crypto crashing, I think of the Simpsons episode where the tech bubble bursts and a young startup nerd gives Lisa company stock […]

Phil Mickelson’s transformation into Shooter McGavin is almost complete

Villain Shooter McGavin from Happy Gilmore (left) and Phil Milckelson.Screenshot: Getty No wonder Phil Mickelson has been hiding out in Dagobah — or is it Elba? Golf’s second-biggest name, who […]

PGA commissioner cites complacent business plan as proof it isn’t complacent

Jay Monahan isn’t talking his way out of this mess.Image: Getty Images Denying complacency is a telltale sign of complacency. PGA Tour commissioner Jay Monahan did just that when he […]

Liverpool’s Jürgen Klopp argues against shutting down English Premier League

Klopp is kinda right.Image: Getty Images With seemingly every major sports league in “This is fine” mode, the prevailing logic on how to calm the spread of the virus is […]

Alabama’s win over Georgia shuffles CFP deck but Bulldogs should still be there

Nick Saban and Bryce Young were giddy after Alabama’s 41-24 win over No. 1 Georgia on Saturday.Image: Getty Images For weeks, we’ve been dissecting, diagramming, and divining what the College […]