Kyrie Irving says he and his people are protected by God

A mask? Yes, now that is protective. Buuuut… Illustration: Getty Images Kyrie Irving is out of any kind of legitimate explanations for not getting the COVID-19 vaccine, because there aren’t […]

Golden State Warriors’ Andrew Wiggins finally gets vaccinated

After much drama, Andrew Wiggins got vaccinated and will be available to play all Warriors games.Image: Getty Images Golden State Warriors’ forward Andrew Wiggins is finally vaccinated. With the NBA […]

Mavericks owner Mark Cuban to offer cheaper prescription drugs to Americans

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban will be offering cheaper prescriptions to Americans.Image: Getty Images When universal health care fails to pass in Congress, there’s always Mark Cuban to fall back […]

Aaron Rodgers, ‘immunized’ from absolutely nothing, is our No. 2 IDIOT OF THE YEAR

Illustration: Getty Images Welcome to Deadspin’s IDIOT OF THE YEAR festivities! Nos. 50 through 11 are available for your enjoyment here. And our top 10 thus far: 10. Thom Brennaman […]

Former NFL player Phillip Adams sought help from league before shooting spree

An autopsy showed Phillip Adams suffered from CTE before he shot and killed six people and himself.Image: AP A recent autopsy from Boston University revealed that ex-NFLer Phillip Adams, who […]

Antonio Brown among three players suspended by NFL for misrepresenting vaccine status

Antonio Brown has been suspended by the NFL.Image: Getty Images Turns out the chef was telling the truth! Bucs’ wide receiver Antonio Brown has been suspended by the NFL for […]