NFL Week 3: Picks and preview

Two weeks into the 2021 season, it appears that the NFL’s power is concentrated in the west. The AFC and NFC West are a combined 13-3 so far this year, […]

Nets lose big on Harden bet, but maybe that’s what it takes now

They did set Brooklyn on fire.Illustration: Getty Images Neil Young gets credit for the line, “It’s better to burn out than to fade away,” but Kurt Cobain made it infamous. […]

Saints’ Alvin Kamara arrested for battery in Las Vegas

An NFL franchise in Las Vegas? What could possibly go wrong?Image: Getty Images Whoever finally convinced Roger Goodell and the NFL that having a team and holding events in Las […]

2018 National Championship Game, then and now

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The special things in sports we’re grateful for

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Grading every NFL team after 11 weeks

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What every NFL team should be thankful for in 2021

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NFL Week 10: Expect insanity to continue

Get smiles in where you can right now.Image: Getty Images If you’d asked anyone outside of Miami who was going to win the Thursday Night Football matchup between the Ravens […]

Raiders’ Damon Arnette in hot water over reported gun video, lawsuits

Things aren’t going well in Sin City (evergreen caption).Image: Getty Images The Las Vegas Raiders are in the midst of one of the most tumultuous seasons we’ve ever seen. First […]