Roger Goodell’s testimony before Congress was embarrassing [Updated]

Roger Goodell Zooms into Capitol Hill.Photo: AP Ah, if there’s anything that will make you feel the slightest semblance of sympathy for Roger Goodell in this situation, it’s watching him […]

NFL Week 5 touts London game & Bills at Chiefs

Why??????Illustration: Getty (Shutterstock) In 2021, there are two NFL games slated to play in London. The first is happening this weekend as the Atlanta Falcons take on the New York […]

Kap still out of job, but Jay-Z has hand in rap-focused Super Bowl halftime show

“I want to be held accountable for what I am doing,” Jay-Z said at this meeting with Roger Goodell in 2019.Image: AP Jay-Z delivered on his promise. Just not the […]

Las Vegas Raiders owner Mark Davis says he believes in Colin Kaepernick

Mark Davis is saying things but hasn’t backed it up.Image: Getty Images Don’t talk about it. Be about it. During a week in which the city where his football team […]

Commanders owner Dan Snyder allegedly hid money from other teams

Ugh.Image: Getty Images The three things likely to survive a nuclear holocaust? Keith Richards, cockroaches and Dan Snyder, though at this point it would be impossible to distinguish between the last […]

Dallas Cowboys lose to San Francisco 49ers in Wild-Card game

Dak Prescott and Dallas come up short once again.Image: Getty Images Dallas did it again. It got your hopes up only to do what it always does. Another promising season […]

Roger Goodell is the NFL’s fixer, not its ‘commissioner’

When things go bad for the NFL, it’s Roger Goodell’s job to step up to the podium and tell lies.Photo: Getty Images Ray Donovan. Olivia Pope. Roger Goodell. What does […]