A Major League Baseball team in Utah is a terrible idea

At a time in which it appears that Major League Baseball is seemingly doing all it can to keep African-Americans from being on Big League rosters, a group in Salt […]

Does Red Sox ace Chris Sale still have trade value?

What can Chris Sale bring Boston on the trade market?Image: Getty Images Boston ace Chris Sale is set to be 34 years old in 2023. He has a career 3.03 […]

New York Mets sign Carlos Correa to 12-year, $315 deal

Smiling all the way to the bankImage: Getty Images The San Francisco Giants thought they had inked Carlos Correa to a 13-year, $350 million deal. But then the introductory press […]

Former Astro Jeff Bagwell has things to say about James Click

Still with that facial hair choice?Screenshot: Twitter/@MarkBermanFox26 I didn’t realize that Jeff Bagwell had become that guy at the end of the bar who tells you about the time he […]

Sign stealing should keep Carlos Beltran out of baseball Hall of Fame

Should Carlos Beltrán be elected to the Hall of Fame?Image: Getty Images The 2023 MLB Hall of Fame ballots were sent out yesterday. This is a pretty weak set of […]

Dissecting Dusty Baker’s bullpen brilliance for his sabermetric critics

Dusty Baker “ought to be part of the conversation around MLB’s best-ever managers,” concluded Neil Paine from FiveThirtyEight after studying the most overachieving managers, and “shouldn’t need a ring to validate […]

Man throws hard seltzer cans at Ted Cruz during Astros parade

Ted Cruz (center) attempts to duck a Truly.Screenshot: @wcgroovy/Twitter Sen. Ted Cruz popped his head out of its dwelling, and as with most moles, some bystander tried whacking it with […]

MLB’s AL West hot stove is preheated and ready to go

Shohei OhtaniPhoto: Getty Images Sure, the fans in Houston are still on their celebrations, and maybe Phillies fans are still working their way through the Death Cab catalog. But for […]