Kobayashi was the GOAT of competitive eating

Joey Chestnut (left) and Takeru Kobayashi (right) in 2006.Image: Getty Images In one of the weirder federal holiday traditions in America, Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest, takes place every Independence […]

Aaron Rodgers’ new admirer Blu is just a normal hippie, not a witch

Aaron Rodgers is dating Blu, who is apparently not a witch.Illustration: Getty/blucosmiceagle.com Guys, Aaron Rodgers isn’t dating a witch, and her name isn’t Blu of Earth. It’s just Blu, and […]

Tony La Russa intentionally walks Trae Turner with two strikes

Jerry Reinsdorf still tormenting White Sox fans.Image: Getty Images I have tried to explain the weirdness that encompasses, and in some way constitutes, the Chicago White Sox. They are a […]

Athletes-turned-servicemen and women are not unique to America

Photo: Getty Images While Memorial Day may be a uniquely American holiday, its sentiments — honoring those who have given their lives for their country in the line of duty […]

The dark history of Southern Hills Country Club site of 2022 PGA Championship

Illustration: Southern Hills Country Club/AP Death threats, mob executions, unbearable heat — the Southern Hills Country Club in Tulsa, Okla., where the 2022 PGA Championship will be hosted next week, […]

Jack Harlow messing with camera operator at Celtics game is not cool

Jack Harlow wants you to know he’s an NBA fan.Image: Getty Images So Jack Harlow is gunning for the top NBA celebrity fan award. It’s clear with him taking logo […]