Anthony Edwards injured, Timberwolves’ season gets worse

The Minnesota Timberwolves’ season from hell continued Friday night as they lost to the Chicago Bulls in double overtime and may have lost Anthony Edwards for the remainder of the […]

Jimmy Butler blasts Nickelback in Heat locker room after loss

I get it. I totally get why Jimmy Butler reportedly gets under the skin of his teammates. He had a point when he was with the Minnesota Timberwolves. Those young […]

NBA releases All-Hunk team, Antoine Davis short of Pistol Pete

The Greek Freak isn’t just an All-Star, he’s first team All-HunkPhoto: John Fisher (Getty Images) The NBA All-Hunk team was released Thursday, and I have to say, it was reassuring […]

Kyrie Irving has his finger on Brooklyn Nets’ dead man’s switch

“Trade me”Image: Getty Images A dull day with the Brooklyn Nets is merely the calm before a Kyrie Irving storm. On Friday afternoon, the Nets star point guard added another […]

NBA’s most clutch – Steph Curry Kevin Durant SGA Jimmy Butler

Image: Getty Images The first-ever Jerry West Clutch Player of the Year will be awarded this season. Arguing over clutch players has become a staple of sports shout-talk TV, so […]

NBA fines Brooklyn Nets, Miami Heat $25,000

The Nets sat several players on Dec. 10 against the Indiana PacersImage: AP Load management is going to happen in the NBA regardless of the league’s best efforts. Organizations have […]

If Joel Embiid thinks Philly fans want him traded, he’s wrong

Joel EmbiidImage: Getty Images I don’t know who incepted Joel Embiid, but someone got him to question Philly fans’ faith in him. The All-NBA center has been strangely disconnected this […]

NBA trade rumor Jae Crowder to Bucks Warriors Heat Nets Pelicans

Image: Getty Images The Bucks are interesting because they were close to acquiring Crowder recently in what would’ve been a three-team trade with Houston as the third participant. Just because […]

Culture isn’t going to fix the Miami Heat’s offense

Tyler Herro and Bam AdebayoImage: Getty Images When trying to illustrate how much a team is struggling, one of sportswriters’ favorite go-to’s is, “If the season ended today…” As in, […]

The NBA’s Eastern Conference still seems so mediocre

“Kevin Durant should always be taken seriously unless paired with Kyrie Irving.”Image: Getty Images It’s weird how much energy goes into debating which conference is the NBA’s best. It makes […]