To hell with ESPN for trashing Geno Smith as Seahawk teammates praise ‘phenomenal’ performance

It’s so not right.Image: Getty Images Some people watch NFL games, and others just read about them. If you are in the latter category and visited ESPN’s website or saw […]

Someone got smart and put Gus Johnson on NBA playoff games

Gus JohnsonPhoto: Getty Images Imagine attempting to run a necessary errand before the start of Monday’s first playoff game. It’s the only time that you have during the day to […]

Tonight’s Thursday Night Football game will be an embarrassment that the NFL, Houston Texans, and Deshaun Watson deserve

Deshaun Watson, who currently faces 22 sexual misconduct lawsuits, won’t be on the field tonight as his Texans take on the Panthers. It is likely that broadcasters will only address […]

Didn’t know Jordan Mailata had those pipes, kinda knew Joe Buck didn’t

Jordan Mailata sings better than your team’s left tackle.Screenshot: Fox Jordan Mailata sang his ass off and probably shouldn’t have been revealed as Thingamabob on Wednesday night’s episode of FOX’s […]

Cris Collinsworth bids farewell to Al Michaels

Longtime broadcast duo Al Michaels (l.) and Cris CollinsworthPhoto: Getty Images Cris Collinsworth didn’t need a thread, a notes app, or seven Instagram story slides to bid farewell to his […]

Joe Buck leaving Fox for ESPN according to report

Joe Buck is going to ESPN for some crazy dollars.Illustration: Getty Images Joe Buck, the longtime voice of Fox Sports, is bolting for the greener pastures of ESPN, signing a […]

Broadcaster Troy Aikman expected to join ESPN

Aikman to ESPN?Image: Getty Images Maybe Troy Aikman was more peeved about not calling the Dallas Cowboys Wild Card Game last month than we initially thought? Per the New York […]

Thom Brennaman — and there’s a deep drive by Castellanos

Illustration: Getty Images Thom Brennaman, born on third base thinking he hit a triple, is proof that there’s no such thing as cancel culture. When he was fired by Fox […]

Noah Syndergaard and Mike Francesa got into some Twitter beef over the weekend and yes, it’s glorious

This is a recent image of the person Mike Francesa has compared himself to.Image: Getty Images There are times when watching people argue on social media isn’t depressing or infuriating. […]