Jon Gruden must face actual discipline for racist comments

Jon Gruden would be facing actual consequences if the NFL or Mark Davis’ Raiders cared enough to act on their supposed commitment to inclusion. Photo: Getty Images Another day, another bigot […]

Madden ‘23 cover player anticipation builds

Can Josh Allen become the first Buffalo Bill to grace the cover of Madden?Illustration: Deadspin You might be surprised to learn how many teams have never had a player appear […]

The super-paid NFL TV analysts all have one thing in common: None Are Black

The TV faces of football: Troy Aikman, Tony Romo and Drew Brees.Image: Getty Images The only thing more ridiculous than the money TV networks are throwing at guys to be […]

Broadcaster Troy Aikman expected to join ESPN

Aikman to ESPN?Image: Getty Images Maybe Troy Aikman was more peeved about not calling the Dallas Cowboys Wild Card Game last month than we initially thought? Per the New York […]

Best Over/Under, Spread, Teaser and Prop Bets

Vikings and Packers face off tonight at Lambeau without Kirk Cousins.Image: Getty Images Happy New Year, though sadly, that means we’re winding down on the football calendar, entering the penultimate […]

John Madden’s legacy is something different to multiple generations of fans

What John Madden means to you probably depends on when you were born.Image: AP The phrase “once in a generation” seems to be tossed too often, far more often than […]

Madden NFL paved the path for other video game sports franchises

Where would the world of sports e-gaming be without the Madden franchise?Image: Getty Images When you think of video games and sports, you think of John Madden. (Thank god this […]

NFL legend John Madden dead at 85

John Madden retired from coaching at age 42 and had a 30-year career as a broadcaster.Image: Getty Images Famed Raiders’ coach and NFL analyst John Madden died unexpectedly Tuesday morning […]